ZTE mobile phones: reviews, specifications

The rapidly growing popularity of smartphones has led to a significant increase in the range of mobile devices. Currently, the market presents products not only well-known world brands, but also those that appeared relatively recently. These mainly include manufacturers from China. Their products almost completely filled the budget segment. The competition in it is great. All devices are high-tech developments, presented in a modern design and sold at a low price. These are the ZTE mobile phones. Reviews of these smartphones, surprisingly, in most cases positive.

The company began operations in 1985. Currently she cooperates with 160 countries of the world. The Russian Federation is no exception. Fame this brand has gained through the production of budget phones.What technologies are used in them? What can be attributed to the strengths, and what to the weak? These questions can be answered by reading this article.phones zte reviews

Features of the model range

ZTE phones, reviews of which will be discussed a little later, are presented in a wide range. A complete list of gadgets can be found on the official website. In this article, we will only get acquainted with the most prominent representatives, analyze their technical characteristics.

Studying the model range of ZTE, experts noticed that gadgets are almost copies of some popular smartphones. We are talking about devices Apple, Samsung, LG and others. The developers did not look for fresh solutions that could give individuality and originality. Take, for example, the phone ZTE Blade X3. Reviews posted online, show a great similarity with the line of Samsung Galaxy brand. There are some minor differences, of course, but Chinese phones can be called copies.

Currently, most of the companies from China do the same. In order to verify this, just look at smartphones such as Lenovo, Huawei and others.Most likely, copying successful models of competing companies is a kind of successful marketing ploy. Therefore, it can not be considered a significant disadvantage.phone zte blade x3 reviews


The company is engaged in the production of models that are available even to the most vulnerable segments of the population. It is surprising that currently there are quite a few such manufacturers on the market. Every year, the lineup is replenished with new ZTE phones. Reviews about them are pretty good. However, experts have noticed some specificity. All new ZTE models get names similar to prototypes. For example, the Grand S3 smartphone is a copy of the Samsung Galaxy Grand. The same can be said about the model ZTE S6. Its prototype was the device of the Korean manufacturer Galaxy S6.

From this we can conclude that new developments are flagships only in the ranking of Chinese companies. Against the background of world brands - just cheap copies. But precisely because of this, ZTE phones have gained popularity. Reviews, in which buyers talk about the reason for choosing this brand, display a full picture. These smartphones are an alternative to expensive devices. After all, not every buyer can afford to buy a gadget from Apple or Samsung. Therefore, sometimes you have to be content with a copy.phone zte blade reviews

How to choose? Shopping Tips

Of course, each person before the purchase of a mobile device determines the tasks with which it must cope. The manufacturer claims that ZTE phones (reviews in most cases confirm this information) are excellent for making calls, sending messages, using as a music and video player, non-heavy games and going online. All the smartphones of this company are based on the most common operating system - Android. This opens up opportunities for owners. For example, the phone is synchronized with Google, so owners can use all without exception services.

Also pay attention to what material the body is made of. Depending on the model, the manufacturer used plastic or metal. In the latter case, the device is equipped with impact resistant properties. The user can be sure that the metal cover is 100% protect the internal elements from damage. As for the plastic case, it is not recommended to drop the phone and subject it to high mechanical loads. However, it has its advantages - there are practically no scratches on the surface of the plastic.

And the last decisive factor is the price.As mentioned above, all products of the Chinese company belong to the budget segment. Therefore, the cost of devices will not exceed 10 000 rubles. For example, the phone ZTE GF3 (reviews and specifications will be listed below) can be purchased for approximately 3,500 p.

Screen Features

One of the most important elements in smartphones is the screen. The company presents models, the diagonal of which varies from 4 to 6 inches. The smallest copies are suitable for Internet surfing, making calls and other simple tasks. Those users who prefer to watch movies, play on the phone, it is recommended to choose a large diagonal - 5-6 inches.

Also, buyers should pay attention to the display specifications. The important point is the type of matrix. Those smart phones that are made on the basis of IPS, provide owners with excellent viewing angles, high contrast and color reproduction. The image on these screens looks juicy, realistic and rich. Pretty good is another type of display - AMOLED. Its contrast is at a sufficient level, it behaves quite adequately in the sun. This display is most often chosen for reading electronic books.The cheapest smartphones are equipped with a TFT-matrix. Unfortunately, the image quality in them is quite low. However, it is fully justified by the price. Such devices are acquired only for making calls and sending messages.

mobile phones zte reviews

Briefly about the "stuffing"

ZTE offers customers devices with processors from 2 to 8 cores. The amount of RAM varies from 1 to 3 GB. Chipset characteristics affect not only the cost of the device, but also performance. The higher the score, the faster the smartphone works. In order for him to cope well with the tasks and could work with resource-intensive programs, it is necessary to pay attention to the “RAM” indicator. In this case, the expression "the more the better."

The amount of internal memory is also of great importance. Due to its volume, users can save their favorite games, photos, pictures and other applications on their phones. If the internal storage is not enough, the manufacturer has provided a slot for memory cards. Currently used removable drives type microSD. In the model range there are smartphones on which you can install flash drives up to 128 GB.However, ZTE devices with such characteristics will cost a little more.

For mobile digital devices, an equally important criterion is the duration of battery life. The battery is responsible for it. As a rule, mainly the Chinese manufacturer uses batteries of 2000-4000 mAh. On average, these characteristics provide work without recharging from 12 to 24 hours.

The company installs high-resolution cameras on its gadgets. For basic uses a range from 12 to 20 megapixels. With the help of them, owners can take not only photos, but also videos. The resolution of the front cameras is somewhat less. It ranges from 3 to 5 MP. Used for selfie and video calling. The quality of the latter will depend not only on the characteristics of the matrix, but also on the Internet connection.

ZTE Blade X3

This model is sold at a price ranging from 7,000 to 9,500 rubles. It works on Android version 5.1. The device supports the work of two sim-cards. The size of the screen diagonal is 5 inches. The display resolution is high - 1280x720 pixels. The picture on the screen is displayed as HD Ready. Excellent color reproduction and image, wide viewing angles are provided by the IPS-matrix.The battery life is characterized by a 4000 mAh capacity battery. This smartphone works with networks of the third and fourth generation. Equipped with Wi-Fi-module. There is FM-radio, GPS-navigation. The body is completely made of plastic. Its dimensions are 145x71.5x8.9 mm. The weight of the gadget with the battery is almost 161 g. The device is equipped with a main 8-megapixel camera with autofocus, flash and front-facing - 5 megapixel. Performance is provided by an ARM processor, core types are Cortex-A53. As well as RAM for 1 GB and built-in - 8 GB. However, only 2 GB of them is available. The increase in memory capacity is possible thanks to a flash drive (32 GB). Accelerometer, light sensors and proximity has a phone ZTE Blade X3.phone zte v7 reviews

Feedback on benefits:

  • A powerful battery, however, the capacity is slightly less than the claimed 4000 mAh.
  • The front camera takes photos that are not inferior in quality to the eminent counterparts like Samsung.
  • Excellent display with accurate color reproduction and high contrast.
  • The device copes with heavy games.

The disadvantages include a quiet sound when playing video from YouTube and the small amount of internal memory available to the user. However, the last problem is easy to handle with a flash drive.

ZTE Blade V7

An excellent smartphone, according to most buyers, is equipped with an MediaTek 8-core processor model MT 6753. It operates at a frequency of 1.3 GHz. The aluminum case has a ZTE V7 phone. Reviews of owners in most cases positive. In many of them, buyers emit quality equipment. The device has two cameras: 8-and 13-megapixel. Screen size is 5.2 inches. The image is displayed as Full HD with a resolution of 1080 × 1920 pixels. The amount of RAM - 2 GB. Therefore, the device works quickly and copes with all tasks. For autonomous work meets the standard battery capacity of 2540 mAh. The phone supports the network of the new generation - 4G (LTE).phone zte gf3 reviews

ZTE Blade GF3

This smartphone, based on Android version 5.0, attracted the attention of most buyers. The amount of RAM is limited to one gigabyte. Built-in - only 8 GB. Users have the ability to expand storage up to 32 GB using a microSD flash drive. Processor Type - Spreadtrum SC7731G. To speed up the processing of graphic images, the ZTE Blade GF3 Black mobile phone, which is mostly positive, is equipped with the Mali-400 MP2 GPU chipset. High performance is ensured thanks to four cores operating at 1.2 GHz. Screen size - 4.5 inches. The resolution is small - 480x800 px.The device is equipped with a lithium-ion battery, the volume of which is 1,850 mAh. There are two cameras: the main - 8 megapixel, the front - 2 megapixel.mobile phone zte blade gf3 black reviews


Summing up, we can say that the ZTE Blade phone received reviews in most cases only laudatory. All the flaws found by users, it pays for itself at an affordable price. Those who can not afford to buy an expensive smartphone, it is recommended to learn more about the model line of ZTE.

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