Yeast Dough for Whites

Dough for whites can be cooked on kefir, and milk, and even plain water. However, this dish is tastier and more magnificent in a yeast base. Although such a simple recipe requires special care from housewives. After all, if you knead the dough incorrectly, then the meat pies will turn out limp and tasteless.

Dough for whites: the necessary ingredients for the base

  • large egg - one piece;
  • 3% milk - one and a half cup;
  • active granulated yeast - dessert spoon;
  • purified drinking water - one and a half glasses;
  • wheat flour - to obtain a thick base;
  • sugar - dessert spoon;
  • vegetable oil - one big spoon;
  • salt - half dessert spoons.

dough for whipping

Dough for whites: kneading process

To prepare a yeast base, it is best to use a large bowl or pan. One and a half cups of 3% milk and the same amount of purified drinking water should be poured into metal dishes. Both liquids should be mixed, heated on the fire, and then pour a dessert spoon of granulated sugar and active granulated yeast to them.In order for the bulk solids to completely dissolve in the milk mixture, they should be set aside for twenty minutes. After that, it is required to break one large egg into the same dish, add vegetable oil, table salt and wheat flour. As a result of mixing all the ingredients should make a stiff dough, which must be covered with a clean towel and left in a warm place for a half to two hours. It should be noted that in the process of this time the basis will increase substantially in size. In this regard, it is recommended to knead the dough periodically with hands dipped in vegetable oil.

Preparation of whites: the necessary ingredients for the filling

  • fresh veal - a kilogram;
  • table salt - a small spoon;
  • bulbs large - one or two pieces;
  • sunflower oil - for deep fat;
  • black pepper - three pinches.

cooking whites

The process of making filling for whites

For such pies, it is best to purchase lean flesh of veal. Meat should be washed, minced in a meat grinder together with one large onion, and then pepper, salt and mix thoroughly.

Forming a dish and roasting it

The finished dough for whites must be divided into small pieces that need to be rolled into miniature pancakes and stuffed with minced meat prepared in advance. After all the semi-finished products are ready, they should be laid out on a hot frying pan with boiling sunflower oil. Each side of the whites must be fried for at least seven to nine minutes.

bread dough in the bread maker

Proper lunch serving

After all the cakes are cooked, they should be laid out in a large plate or bowl, and then put on the table hot together with tomato sauce or fresh vegetables.

Helpful advice

It should be noted that the very tasty and soft dough is obtained for the whites in the bread maker. However, this method of mixing requires special knowledge and skills in the management of this kitchen device.

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