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Dunlop was founded in 1888. Then the vet from Scotland presented his own design - pneumatic tires. Initially, the company's enterprise was located in Scotland, where they produce Dunlop winter tires. Currently, however, most tires have been manufactured in Japan. The manufacturer has its own website, where the opening of a branch in Japan is described as a major tires winter reviews

Reviews of winter tires "Dunlop"

On many sites, motorists rate these tires 4 out of 5 points. The high rating of winter tires "Dunlop", of course, is understandable, because the tasks that car owners set for this rubber are most often performed. The manufacturer tries to meet the expectations of drivers, because it constantly improves its products, applying the latest technologies and compositions. What does not remain without attention of car owners. Most Dunlop winter tire models are low cost.Despite this, their characteristics are excellent. Road grip is maintained on both dry and wet road surfaces. They also provide a comfortable driving and short stopping distance. However, some models have a small resource and lose grip in rainy weather, which is why many refuse these tires and leave negative reviews about Dunlop winter tires.

In the model range of the company there are tires designed for sports cars. They are excellent grip with the road at any speed, but at the same time for everyday use are not suitable, say in reviews about winter tires "Dunlop" owners. While driving, they create additional noise and wear out quickly.

SUV tires have a special All Terrain label. They are designed to overcome off-road and rough terrain, with which they do well. Due to the pronounced tread of the tire, the tires are quite noisy while driving, which is acceptable for such models. However, a more significant disadvantage, which is mentioned in the reviews of Dunlop winter tires, is the loss of adhesion during overcoming deep pools or clay terrain.

Most models have a fairly low cost. Because of this, many motorists and choose these tires, put up with all the minuses.

Cost of tires

The cheapest Dunlop winter tires cost about 1,500 rubles for the R13 version. Models for powerful cars have a minimum size - R15, the cost of which begins with a mark of 2,400 rubles. Tires Dunlop SP Sport 9000 15 radius will cost 2000 rubles for one unit. All prices are taken from the company's website.

SUV tires are more expensive. The cheapest will cost 5300 rubles for the version of the R17. For crossovers are also available models of tires. Their cost is 3000 rubles for one tire R15.

Tires for winter operation are not much more expensive than summer options. The cost of tires R13 is 1,800 rubles. Winter tires for SUVs will cost more - in 3000 rubles. At the same time they do not have thorns.

The popularity of tires is about the same as that of many other manufacturers. However, product quality and its characteristics are a little behind. The company is working to improve these indicators.

Dunlop Winter Maxx WM01

Winter Maxx WM01 tires are designed for winter operation of cars. They have a perfect grip regardless of the weather. These tires replaced the earlier model.The main update is considered faster braking, which was reduced by 11 percent. And this on the condition that the tires are made without dunlop winter studded

In the development of tires was applied asymmetric pattern with a non-uniform tread depth. Winter tires “Dunlop Winter Max VM01” have thinner slats, which make braking more effective.

Tires do not harden even in severe frosts. This was achieved due to the updated composition, which contains an increased amount of silicon.

On the side of the tires are many blocks. They provide perfect grip and directional stability at a high level. Tires correspond to the declared characteristics, therefore with them without problems it is possible to overcome snow-covered and icy sections of roads.

This model is presented in sets of dimensions - only 88 of them. The smallest diameter is R13, and the largest is R19, and intermediate R16.

Winter tires "Dunlop SP Winter Ice 01"

These tires are also designed for winter operation, but there are spikes on their tread. The manufacturer recommends the installation of these winter Dunlop studded tires in passenger cars and mid-size crossovers.The development of this model took place on special equipment, because of which the products turned out to be of high winter tires

The tread pattern is symmetrical here, the central part is made in the form of a set of directional arrows. There are also longitudinal ribs in the amount of 5 pieces. In the center, the longitudinal edge is not interrupted, but it is not ideally even, but has cuts. This innovation has improved the dynamics of the car and reduce the braking distance.

Not far from the central rib are 2 more edges. In each of them there are 2 more bands of blocks. Due to this, the maximum possible surface of winter Danlop studded tires contacts the road surface. Because of this, grip improves and wear becomes more even. Because of such a large number of blocks, it is much easier for a car to move across the snow cover.

Spikes on the tread are not as usual, but at a special angle. Due to this, tires provide excellent traction with the road surface, even if it is covered with ice. Also contribute to this slat located on the tread. They also provide additional rigidity to the tires.

Dunlop GrandTrek Ice 02

The standard of quality among winter tires from the company Dunlop is GrandTrek Ice 02. The manufacturer recommends installing these tires on SUVs and crossovers. Best of all, the properties and characteristics of the tires appear while driving on asphalt. This suits many motorists, as many owners of SUVs and crossovers move almost exclusively on the asphalt surface.

Tire tread is symmetrical. The grooves are located there under the slope, which is why when moisture gets on the surface of the tires, it is quickly removed from there, without compromising adhesion with the road. Also through these grooves is the withdrawal of snow.

Due to the fact that the grooves are wider than usual, snow gets stuck there when hit. As a result, when driving on snow drifts, the grip remains as good as when overcoming other sites.danlop winter tire rating

Grandtrek Ice 02 - this tire, on which the company decided to apply the updated spikes and a modified way of their attachment. The shape of the spike has changed significantly, its insertion is made in the shape of a rectangle, and the edge - in the shape of zigzags. Now it is not the usual metal spikes, as they include tungsten carbide.Due to this, the spikes have become much stronger and do not heat up even with long-term car operation. The special location of the spikes contributes to more efficient acceleration of the car and reduce its stopping distance.

The fastener spikes have also changed. Now they do not scroll when moving, and the risk of their loss is significantly reduced. One part of the base of the spikes is located on the top layer of rubber, and the second part is in the depth where the rubber is hard.

The number of spikes here is also greater than usual. In total there are 16 rows that make themselves felt during the movement. This ensures excellent grip in all conditions.

Dunlop SP Winter Ice 02

These tires are designed for winter. They are equipped with spikes. The model is a relatively recent development and is currently very popular in Russia. Goodyear engineers worked on tire design, so the latest technologies were introduced.

There are many grooves on the tread. Most of them are inclined, and also have an increased width and depth. Because of this, the removal of moisture occurs as quickly as possible, which ensures perfect grip even in the event of a collision with a wet part of the road. Tires are resistant to aquaplaning.

In the central part of the tread is a longitudinal edge. It consists of many blocks in the form of triangles. Thanks to this innovation, we managed to provide several properties at once. Tires have excellent road holding and traction on any road surface.

On the side of the tread blocks are also located. They are interconnected, which guarantees a better passage of turns and other maneuvers.

Dunlop GrandTrek SJ6

These tires are recommended for winter operation of the car. They are not equipped with spikes. It is best to install these tires on SUVs, pickups and crossovers.

The tread pattern is symmetrical, in the center there is a longitudinal edge in the form of a set of directional arrows. The development of the tread pattern was carried out through the use of special computer programs. Due to this tread, studded winter tires “Dunlop” have an increased contact area with the road surface, due to which road adhesion improves and wear becomes more uniform.characteristics of dunlop winter tires

Thanks to the special tread pattern, the grip properties on ice were also improved. It also contributes to reducing fuel consumption.In the center of the tread are many rectangular blocks that are pronounced. Due to this, almost the entire area of ​​the tread is in contact with the road surface, so the wear becomes more uniform, and the resource of winter non-studded tires "Dunlop" increases.

The tread blocks do not have a perfectly flat surface, but small edges. They contribute to improved grip. When driving on any road surface, the blocks cling and the car becomes more stable. In the case of overcoming the soil coupling properties are also improved.

Dunlop Winter tires - Velcro: Graspic DS3

This model is designed for winter. The manufacturer recommends its installation in cars. Tires do not have spikes, but they still have excellent adhesion to any surface.

This model is presented in various sizes: from R13 to R19. Tires provide safe and comfortable driving in all conditions.

Dunlop Winter Maxx SJ8

These tires are also a winter model. Their peculiarity is that they are not equipped with spikes. Tires are very popular among Russian motorists.The manufacturer recommends installing these tires on SUVs, crossovers and pickups. The dimension of the tires is huge: from 15 to 19 inches. where do danlop winter tires produce

Dunlop Winter Maxx WM02

This model of tires is designed for passenger cars. Compared with the previous version, the new product has improved properties and characteristics that were developed by Sumitomo engineers.

When developing tires, a rubber compound was used, which is able to maintain the properties of tires even at sub-zero temperatures. Because of this, the contact area of ​​tires with the road surface has become larger and the driver is more comfortable to move. On ice, tires also have good grip performance. Engineers have increased tire wear by adding special materials.

The tread pattern here has a huge number of blocks. On earlier models this was not observed. At the same time the distance between the blocks remained almost unchanged. Thanks to this innovation, tires are now distinguished by excellent passable properties when driving on snow and ice, as well as other difficult areas.

Dunlop SP Winter Sport 400

These tires were developed specifically for the harsh conditions of the Russian climate. The model has many sizes, so it can be installed on both cars and SUVs.

The tread pattern here is symmetrical and has the shape of a set of directional arrows. Due to this, excellent grip qualities are observed when overcoming the snow cover and icy tracks.

The model has no spikes, so the manufacturer, in order to compensate for this, has marked up a lot of lamellae on the tread and changed the composition of the rubber. Now it contains a large amount of silicon. The lamellae form a slightly curved surface, due to which coupling properties are guaranteed. This is especially noticeable when overcoming the snow cover or ice crust. Also in the composition of the rubber is silica, which allows the tires to remain soft, even with strong frosts.

Dunlop ice touch

These tires are also designed for the Russian climate, as it is very changeable. Excellent grip is guaranteed on any road surface, as the spikes are responsible for this.

In the production of tires, practically the same technologies were used as on the Goodyear Ultra Grip Ice Arctic. A very important innovation is the use of triangular spikes.The part of the spike in contact with the road surface has sharp edges, therefore, when driving on ice and snow cover, the guaranteed grip properties are guaranteed.

The tread pattern is made in a typical style, which resembles a set of spaced arrows. The central longitudinal edge in width is larger than usual. Due to this, the dynamics of the car improved and the braking distance decreased. Also located blocks on the edge to improve the adhesion properties of tires.winter tires dunlop ice

In most regions of Russia, winters are cold. In such conditions, the usual rubber freezes and begins to harden. When developing the Dunlop Ice Tach winter tires, the rubber compound was selected specifically for the fact that the tires were always soft. The manufacturer has achieved this by adding polymeric materials. It also contributed to improved traction when driving on snow cover.

The result

Dunlop tires are an excellent option for those motorists who need excellent-quality tires, but for a small amount, confirm tests of winter tires. Dunlop pays great attention to the quality of its products and often develops new technologies.Presented reviews and specifications for winter tires "Dunlop", they say that they can be trusted.

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