Why throw out of the game?

If during the game you are "thrown out" by the workertable, there may be several reasons, some of which can be eliminated quickly, while others require the intervention of pros or even the replacement of computer components. In this article, we'll look at why we throw out of the game and what to do about it.

Older drivers

If you have olddriver, then you need to update them. And you can download from the official site. In addition, it is desirable to install a new version of DirectX. When you download the driver, please note that they are compatible with your hardware. It's possible that you just tried to install drivers that are incompatible with your PC.

You can also look at the forum dedicated to the game and read about the most common problems that a player might have. Perhaps your will be among them.

Antivirus and OS protection utilities

One of the frequent reasons why a gamethrows to the desktop, is antivirus software. Such utilities should be disabled, otherwise it will not work. Often antiviruses can and affect the work of the game itself - it will hang and lag, and all because the game itself is able to heavily load the computer, and in the appendage it loads and antivirus.

System Disk Load

If the percentage of disk usage on whichinstalled OS exceeds 80%, then you should unload it. Transfer files to another disk, reduce the download to 70%. It will also be useful to defragment the disk.

Need to install a patch

Perhaps the game is thrown on the desktop, becausethat you have not installed a patch that fixes the problem in its operation. Everyone knows that now publishers are so driven by developers that they are forced to take the project to the release date. Often it comes out raw. And, means, it is necessary to issue a patch, which will fix the malfunction.

Pirated version

If you downloaded the game through the tracker, then you canthere are big problems with her work. After all, it is through the trackers that pirates "push" their copies of games that can not only upset the defective work, but also damage the PC. If you are sure of the quality of the downloaded game, but it still does not launch or throws it to the desktop, then read on the distribution about the problems that can occur with the file. Or, do all that was described above.

Work of other programs

If you run other programs on thecomputer, they can cause the malfunctioning of your game. As a rule, it simply flies out because another program requires user participation. Disable or pause the programs for the duration of the game.

Browser operation

Separately, you can mention browsers asreason for departures from the game. If the browser will open tabs on video hosting sites or sites that offer to download anything, and also contain pop-up ads, the player will not be able to play normally in the game.

As a conclusion, we can say that for normalwork of the game you just need to take care of the software and unload the system. If all this does not help, then the reason may be in the obsolete hardware, which will have to be updated.

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