Why is skin dry?

Chinese doctors can determine a person’s diseases as a result of his skin. This organ plays a huge role in performing protective functions and taking part in the thermoregulation and the water-salt metabolism of our body. Therefore, any problems with the skin are the subject of excitement and the need to identify their causes and then eliminate. One such trouble is dry skin. In this article we will find out why the skin can become dry on the hands, on the face or on the whole body.

Why skin dries

The causes of dry skin can be both external and internal. Manifested by a feeling of stinging, peeling, hypersensitivity. These problems affect not only owners of dry skin, because with age, the skin becomes drier and in individuals with a different type of skin.

Constitutional dry skin

This skin type is associated with physiological and genetic features. These include:

  • decreased activity of the sebaceous glands. Most often observed in children aged 2-6 years and women after 40;
  • menopause and the period preceding it.The cause is hormonal changes in the body;
  • natural aging of the skin;
  • the possession of white and thin skin from nature;
  • dermatosis of a different nature.

More information can be found in our article Why skin flakes.

Acquired Dry Skin

If the skin was normal or even oily, but then for some reason it became dry, this indicates the influence of external and internal factors on its state.

External factors dry skin

External factors include everything that affects our skin from the outside.

  • Weather. If you do not protect your face and hands from exposure to the sun, wind, cold and moisture, this will lead to the loss of its protective layer and, as a result, the appearance of irritation and dryness. Such protection is especially relevant in the winter season, when the skin is experiencing particular stress: the transition from heat to cold (from a heated room to the street and back), dry air in the rooms themselves (due to the effect of heating devices).
  • Poor quality care. Sometimes we wonder why the skin dries, not knowing that we are drying it with our own hands. With insufficient activity of the sebaceous glands, the use of soap, alcohol tonic and lotions, peels, scrubs and tightening masks in skin care leads to a violation of its lipid barrier and loss of moisture.
  • Harmful factors in production.This is also one of the reasons why skin can become dry and irritable. Dust, gas pollution, fumes and ventilation do not have the best effect on its condition. Here we can recommend the increased use of clean drinking water to maintain water balance and the use of high-quality effective cosmetics with a high degree of protection.

Internal factors of dry skin

The internal factors that affect the state of the skin can be counted:

  • Improper nutrition. The lack of valuable substances and minerals can provoke a violation in the structure of the skin, making it vulnerable and prone to dryness. A deficiency of vitamins A, E, C is especially strongly affected.
  • Bad habits. Addiction to tobacco and alcohol adversely affects the entire body, including the skin. Nicotine destroys vitamin C, a vital organ, develops hyperkeratosis (stratum corneum) - the skin becomes rough and dry, covered with cracks.
  • Diseases. In a number of diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, hypothyroidism, diabetes, one of the symptoms is tightness of the skin.
  • Medications. Taking some medications as a side effect causes dry skin.
  • Insufficient water intake.In other words, the body simply does not have enough moisture, and the skin reacts to it adequately - it becomes dry. Per day you need to use 1.5-2 liters of clean drinking water without gas.

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