Why is internet disconnected?

How do we need a permanent and high-speed Internet! Nowadays, the dependence on the World Wide Web is growing. And more and more negative emotions arise in people who are isolated from access to the Internet. It is not even a desert island. Very often we are faced with the fact that the Internet "slows down" in our home. Why is this happening? Let's try to figure it out.

Why the Internet is disconnected - reasons

Probably the most common reason for shutting down the Internet is a problem on the provider's server. A provider is a company that provides you access to the Internet. This phenomenon of an unexpected shutdown, as a rule, occurs during heavy weather. Powerful gusts of wind can damage the provider's workstation or break the wires. In this case, you should call the provider and ask about the reasons for the lack of Internet.

Have you paid for the internet? It is likely that you just spun at work or with daily activities and forgot to pay the bill for the Internet.In this case, the provider has the full right to limit your access to the Internet by completely disconnecting it.

Another reason for failures is that the site you are visiting is working. On sites that do not suffer from the problem of lack of users, and which, on the contrary, suffer from their dense flow, servers often fail due to channel overload. The capabilities of the servers that process and transmit information are limited. If this is the reason, then this can be easily verified. Go to any other site and see if the connection is established. If established, then the problem is really only with that site. Go to him a little later. The problem will surely be fixed. The Internet is often disconnected because of this.

Internet may be disconnected due to malfunction of your modem. We are talking about ADSL-modems. Sometimes a telephone signal that arrives at the device in the same room as the modem breaks, but simply blocks the signal going to the modem. Because of this, the modem reboots and takes some time to restore its work. There is a way out in this case. There is a device called a splitter.This is a small device that includes a common telephone cable. Two cables are already coming from the splitter. One - in the phone, the other - in the modem. This allows you to split the signal and not mix them.

Here are the main reasons why the Internet is turned off. As a piece of advice, we note that you should use the services of a provider that offers an internet connection via a high-speed cable, and not via a modem. In this case, you will pay less for the greater speed and quality of the Internet than using a telephone cable and a modem. In the light of the development of new technologies, the creation of fibers for Internet wires, we can expect in the near future a complete transition of Internet users to high-speed cables. Soon, scientists will create a material that will be able to transmit an electrical signal two times faster than it is now.

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