Why do girls leave?

The relationship between a man and a woman is still a mystery, which even a very wise person cannot guess. And there is one reason - there are no identical people, no identical relations. How to answer the question of why girls leave unequivocally, if, firstly, girls are different, secondly, the guys also do not resemble one another, and thirdly, the relationship develops each time according to a different scenario.

But, everything, let's consider the most frequent reasons that the girlfriend went to another guy.

Passed love - wilted tomatoes

So the people say, and the words from the song will not throw. Well, love cannot pass, in my opinion. Love is a gift from above, whatever it is. If, as you or your girlfriend think, the candle of love has gone out forever, then it is not about this feeling that is sung in your song. Simply, the feeling of love was dispelled and your beloved was drawn to new feats.

If you value this girl, then always try to keep her interested in you. Often love must mature, do not rush things.Be yourself, take into account the interests of your beloved, do not turn relationships into everyday life “and maybe today, let's see football” and so on. - do not let her be disappointed in you.

  • The girl wants to leave because of lack of attention or, on the contrary, because of your undue attention. That's how it happens, then her attention is not enough, then - a lot. Give her attention as much as she needs, dividing in half. Never go too far, always leave the girl a little sad time. As they say, suffering generates love. If you can’t refuse to call her every hour, turn off the phone, even better forget it on purpose at home - let the day wane, you certainly have to apologize, better come to her house with a bouquet of roses and warm words: “Kitten, I'm sorry, hurry work, forgot phone. You were worried, my dear, forgive again. "
  • The girl went to the former guy. If the choice was made in favor of the ex-boyfriend, it means either she loves him very much, or you could not beat him in anything. Well, each of its failure must be perceived in a philosophical way, making the appropriate conclusions.
  • Excessive obedience to a guy. It is meant when a guy listens to everything, even obeys the opinion of his mother, sister, etc.You are already an adult, the fact that your worldview is not formed, speaks of your immaturity and lack of readiness for a serious relationship. In this case, if the girl is gone, she is unlikely to return.
  • Did not meet expectations, do not meet the requirements. Hopes and demands are placed on guys more often by calculation. For example, the hope for your prestigious job - a clear indicator of its mercantile spirit, the hope that you will take it to restaurants every Saturday - similarly, the hope that you will hold your head, enter a prestigious university or something in terms of your self-development - normal desire of a loving or not indifferent person. If you do not try to become better - you show your indifference to the interests of the girl. In a relationship, you must be able to give and take, sometimes to sacrifice something.
  • Your inability to listen, your excessive attention to other women, your rude attitude. Remember, if you value a girl, then the relationship should be based on mutual trust and respect. Without this, even a very girl in love with you will leave, slamming the door.

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