Why does my stomach hurt during the months?

About half of women experiencemonthly pain. And according to observations of doctors, this is more susceptible to women in developed countries. Women who have encountered this problem can not help but wonder why, during menstruation I have a stomachache.

There is no unequivocal answer, just like the universal remedy for this ailment, which is called dysmenorrhea. It can be primary and secondary. It depends on the reasons that caused it.

So, why during the months does the stomach ache withprimary dysmenorrhea? The culprits are prostaglandins, produced by the tissues of the uterus and leading to its tone. The more intense muscle contractions occur, the more pain is felt. The cramping of the uterus is stronger the higher the concentration of prostaglandins in the blood.

These same substances are the cause of deterioration in overall well-being. Because of them, there is nausea, vomiting, apathy, headaches, upset stomach, lack of appetite.

Primary dysmenorrhea is treated withhormonal drugs that regulate the production of prostaglandins. These include birth control pills. They effectively solve the problem, if properly selected. However, some women have to abandon them because of side effects. In addition, in their reception it is necessary to take breaks.

Why during the month does my stomach ache duringsecondary dysmenorrhea? This disease occurs against the background of endometriosis, inflammation in the small pelvis, endometrial polyps, uterine fibroids. Treatment in this case is aimed at fighting precisely with these ailments after a thorough examination. Appointed drugs and manipulations, which contribute to reducing the manifestations of these diseases.

In endometriosis, hormones are also used. With this disease, endometrial cells are found in the ovaries, cervix, fallopian tubes, myometrium, bladder, and rarely in other organs. They grow during the cycle and are rejected during the period of menstruation.

There are hemorrhages, inflammation, swelling, the work of the damaged organ is disrupted. This is accompanied by painful sensations, which are significantly intensified during menstruation.

Inflammations can be caused by STDs andconditionally pathogenic flora. First, the pathogen is determined by sowing and PCR, then treatment is prescribed. In chronic course, physiotherapy is often used.

During the months, the stomach also hurts for other reasons:

  • super-excitability of the central nervous system;
  • infertility;
  • underdevelopment or bending of the uterus;
  • hyperthyroidism;
  • intrauterine device;
  • injuries;
  • operations on reproductive organs;
  • childbirth, especially with complications;
  • abortion.

It happens that after childbirth sorenesspasses or significantly decreases. However, to understand why during the menstrual period a woman's stomach hurts, only a qualified gynecologist after a thorough examination can. You can not make diagnoses yourself.

Women who have experienced dysmenorrhea,I wonder what to do if my stomach hurts during a month. Regular sports, fitness are very helpful. It is established that women who deal with them, transfer menstruation easier.

Food should be balanced, richvitamins and microelements. A special role in how painlessly the menstrual period passes is played by magnesium and calcium. It is better to eat less meat and fatty foods, especially before menstruation. It is desirable to replace the coffee with green and herbal teas. It is necessary to enrich the diet with vegetables and fruits.

Some women claim that exercisemoderate intensity reduce pain. But this is very individual. Most women are saved by taking painkillers and antispasmodics.

Thus, to determine why duringmonthly stomach aches, can only the doctor. The reasons can be different, and many of them are amenable to treatment. You can alleviate your condition by practicing sports, eating properly, taking painkillers and antispasmodics.

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