Why do people smoke?

May 21, 2012
Why do people smoke?

Everyone has long been aware of the enormous harm caused by smoking. However, millions of people around the world continue to smoke. So why do people smoke and deliberately harm their bodies?

Why do people smoke - causes

First of all, you should talk and psychological causes of smoking. Physical attachment to tobacco arises as a consequence. Why do people start smoking? Scientists have conducted research and found that most smokers are addicted to this addiction because of the banal imitation: they saw that the people around them smoke and did the same. Most often in such a situation there are children and teenagers who see that their parents or adult comrades smoke. For them, smoking is an indicator of independence and success. However, not only teenagers, but also adults are caught on this hook. Psychologists have identified the main causes of smoking:

  • Stimulation: smokers believe that a cigarette helps to cheer up, relieve fatigue. Such people have a psychological dependence on nicotine.They cannot work fruitfully without cigarettes.
  • Relaxation: with a cigarette, you can relax, rest. A person smokes with pleasure, gets pleasure, an increased sense of comfort, and rests. It is very difficult for such people to quit smoking.
  • Psychological support: a smoker uses a cigarette to reduce emotional stress. He can not do without a delay in a stressful situation, when you need to quickly respond, make an important decision. A cigarette helps to cope with anger, aggression, sadness, relieve emotional discomfort, overcome shyness, etc.
  • Game: For a person, smoking is a game. Smoking accessories are important - expensive lighters, ashtrays, certain types of tobacco. Often, smokers produce smoke rings or have their own peculiar manner of smoking. They love to smoke for the company and smoke no more than 2-3 cigarettes a day.
  • Physical dependence: this type of smoking is caused by physical dependence on nicotine. The smoker will smoke no matter what, when the nicotine level drops in the blood to a critical level. It is easy to get rid of physical dependence if you do not smoke at least a couple of weeks.
  • Reflex smoking: a person smokes unconsciously, as if not noticing the process of smoking itself and without attaching special significance to it. For him, it’s just a daily habit of eating and drinking. Such smokers smoke a lot, mostly during working hours, but not on vacation.

Knowing your type of smoking will make it easier for you to quit this habit. Why do people stop smoking? Of course, in order to improve your health, preserve youth, take out and give birth to healthy children, reduce the risk of stroke, coronary disease and cancer. As you can see, there are enough reasons to quit smoking! Take care of yourself today!

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