Why delay child allowance?

Kate flower
Kate flower
March 7, 2015
Why delay child allowance?

For each mother, a child benefit is an assistant in solving financial issues. Well, if the family has a man who can solve the financial problems of his family. But very often, girls and women are left alone with a child in their arms, and child benefit becomes an important component for the formation of a family budget. Sometimes it happens that the child allowance is not given on time. Consider why its payment may be delayed.

There are very few reasons for the delay in child allowance, since its payment is regulated by the state. The delay may occur due to the fault of the employer, for example:

  • In cases where the total amount of benefits exceeds the sum of all social security contributions (FSS).
  • This situation is likely at the end of the year when the amount of taxable payments for an employee reaches the limit, and the total amount and taxable base are sharply reduced.
  • When the employer simply does not have enough working capital.

Since this is a serious violation for the employer, he can be fined. Since the state monitors the payment of child benefits, it is responsible for them: all the money that the employer allocated for child benefits is returned to the organization’s budget from the Social Insurance Fund. Therefore, do not rush to escape to court, try to talk to your employer and clarify the reason for the delay.

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