Why are sick in the summer?

It would seem that all diseases await us in the dreary cold season. In the summer, when there is so much sun, greenery around, when the soul requires adventure, it is simply impossible to get sick. But this is far from the case.

About diseases that threaten us in the hot months, as well as their prevention, read on.

Common summer diseases

Each period of the season is a special climatic conditions that can easily become a threat to the health of our body. And summer is no exception, because the heat also carries a certain danger.


Here you can talk about the sun, and just about the heat stroke. The first occurs as a result of a long stay under the scorching sun without a headdress; the second one can easily overtake in a stuffy room, especially if a person is wearing more or less warm and tight clothes (for example, in a business suit), drinks little and moves a lot.

Both conditions are characterized by nausea and vomiting, severe headaches, fainting. Temperatures may also rise.

It is very important to be able to provide first aid to a person: you need to put him in a dark cool place, provide fresh air, weaken the tightness of clothes,apply a cool (but not ice!) compress to the body, give a drink.


Cold drinks, ice cream and drafts are perhaps the main reasons why they get sick in the summer, especially when it comes to a child or a person with poor health, suffering from chronic tonsillitis.

All such diseases are characterized by fever, pain in the body (including in the throat and nose). A runny nose, cough may develop.

If the disease is not treated or treated is not completely, then it is very quickly transformed into something more serious and serious. For example, a sore throat gives strong complications on the heart, kidneys. And after migrating from the throat to the lungs, the infection can cause pneumonia.

Poisoning and intestinal infections

In the heat, food deteriorates very quickly. Having eaten even a slightly “befuddling” dish, we run the risk of severe poisoning. Symptoms include intestinal upset, nausea and vomiting, muscle weakness, fever, dizziness and excessive salivation.

A similar situation may occur when an intestinal infection occurs when, for example, water from a pond (sea, river) or a cooked “careful” chef’s hand gets into a snack pie (without hygiene and sanitary conditions).

In such cases, gastric lavage, taking activated charcoal, and abundant drinking are indicated. Sometimes a doctor may also prescribe antibiotics.

Disease prevention

  • You are not in the hot sun for a long time, in a hot, stuffy room. Wear light clothing, hats, drink more.
  • A cold can be caused by a draft caused by windows open in the whole apartment, due to a fan or an air conditioner that gives a strong stream of cold air. Also play a role in cold drinks, ice cream, desserts with ice. Avoid these factors in order not to get sick.
  • Eat and drink only in the checked places. Food and water should be fresh, perfect in quality. Be sure to wash your hands before eating. Do not forget to wash well and tableware. Do not leave food outside the refrigerator. If the product / dish is in doubt, it is better to give it up before it is too late.

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