Who is heterosexual? What is heterosexuality?

Heterosexual - what is it? Unfortunately, the undeveloped sexual culture of society leads to the fact that even adults do not always know the basic concepts in sexology. To answer the question: "Who is heterosexual?" - one must understand what heterosexuality is.

Heterosexual - what is it?

Heterosexuality is an attraction tothe opposite sex. It is worth noting that this can be an emotional, erotic, romantic or sex drive. Heterosexuality is typical of most people, but not all.

If a person is heterosexual, what does this mean? This term was proposed by Richard Kraft-Ebing, who believed that heterosexuality is an innate instinct aimed at the continuation of the genus. After all, it is vaginal sex that can lead to conception. To date, the term has a broader meaning. This is not just one of the forms of sexual orientation. Heterosexuality is a global phenomenon of human nature. Heterosexual - who is that? This is a man who has an attraction to the beings of the opposite sex.

In colloquial speech, heterosexuals are also calledstraight people. Why not just call these people "normal"? The fact is that normality is already determined not only by heterosexuality. Absolutely normal are all three sexual orientations. They are not considered deviations, and heterosexuality is the norm. These are only three varieties, one of which is much more common. A value system that recognizes heterosexuality as the only and natural form of orientation is called heterosexism. Maybe your friends are also heterosexual. The photo does not reflect any differences between people of different orientations.

Symptoms of heterosexuality

Symptoms of heterosexuality include variousfeelings that a person is inclined to experience in the presence of a person of the opposite sex. Men can admire women's hair, tender skin, elastic breasts. Naturally, this will cause them some excitement and desire to continue communication. Then it leads to sexual relations with a person of the opposite sex. Women are attracted to men's power and power. They are attracted by masculinity, determination and confidence. If a person experiences such feelings, then he is heterosexual (what is this, we have already found out).

Heterosexual: who is this?


No doctor will determine the sexualbelonging. Only man himself can realize to which sex he is attracted. Awareness and acceptance of your choice does not come immediately. Sometimes a person can decide only on the middle of his life path - a homosexual or heterosexual.

What is attraction and how to understand it? This is a natural instinct, he himself will come when the time comes. Already in adolescence, a person begins to experience a vivid attraction to a certain sex.

What will science say about this?

Heterosexual - what does this mean?

Sexology believes that heterosexuality andhomosexuality - absolutely equal sexual orientation, which equally have the right to exist. A person can not control his sexual orientation, but to achieve happiness and harmony in life he should live in accordance with his attraction. Any discrimination is considered a defective point of view of people who can not admit the idea that there are several equal points of view. Heterosexual - who is that? The same ordinary person, like everyone else.

Sexual behavior of heterosexuals

For a long time, vaginal sex was consideredthe only true form of sexual intercourse. And only recently, at the beginning of the twentieth century, sex began to be associated not only with reproduction, but also with enjoyment. It was during this period that various caresses, which are not directly related to vaginal sex, began to be recognized as "normal".

Heterosexuals photo

To date, forms of sexual behaviorheterosexuals are incredibly diverse. Each couple chooses suitable caresses for themselves, which would satisfy both partners. The most common techniques of heterosexuals include: stimulation of the genitals (fellatio and cunnilingus), oral and anal sex, copulation, etc.

Man is a multi-faceted being thatis constantly evolving. There is nothing permanent in his views, tastes and preferences. You should take this into account and understand that all people are different. There are no identical, but both have the right to exist: homosexual or heterosexual. What are both these terms mean, we tried to explain easily.

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