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Who are the Illuminati? Their sect began its ascent in the II century. A bunch of priests among the incredible Greek nature began to worship the cruel and vengeful goddess Cybele. It was at the suggestion of the high priest that the cult received such a name. Fans of the goddess conducted bloody rites, especially sadistic during the reception of new members of the sect. Temple priests brought themselves to frenzy and made deep cuts with sharp daggers, and the neophyte had to cast himself in the name of entering a new life. From all the rituals blows mysticism and blood.

who are the Illuminati

Who are they

Who are the Illuminati? They considered themselves “enlightened”, because their secret knowledge was shrouded in a veil of secrets and mysticism, which caused the appearance of legends. Some of the believers came to the conclusion: if a person in past births served the cult of the Illuminati, then all the following incarnations should atone for the atrocities that he committed into being the Illuminati. According to hidden data, the secret organization has been flourishing for over 2000 years.They changed their appearance and functioned in various countries, but retained the original name "Illuminati."

Seven Illuminati passed the highest degree of dedication. Even before their birth, a woman is chosen for them, who will be their mother. For the Illuminati, with the lowest degrees of dedication, they chose especially intelligent and developed children, but with a lack of conscience and compassion. Order members clearly execute orders and know their line of business. But if they go astray, they will immediately die. Each Illuminati considers itself to be unsurpassed and exceptional. Members of society manipulate the governments of countries and create rules of life for people. Thanks to them, international conflicts and crises flare up, leading to the collapse of great powers.

The illuminati are not aware of pity, compassion, respect, they are called to dominate people. They trust no one, prudent, scrupulous, cruel and heartless. Fanatics offer talented people material wealth in order to use their inventions in various fields of activity.

There is another more fantastic statement that the Order of the Illuminati appeared 6,000 years ago.This story is voiced in the Masonic legend, which asserts that it was at the dawn of mankind that the alien entities presented the Sumerians with the Book of Power, carved in stone. A little later, the Egyptians copied it into papyrus to hide the uninitiated from their eyes.

Who are the Illuminati? According to another version, they appeared during the Middle Ages. The secret order patronized a famous scholar opposing the Inquisition. Membership in the organization is attributed to such brilliant scholars: Galileo Galilei, Leonardo da Vinci, Isaac Newton, Nikolai Copernicus. A parallel was drawn between the scholars of the Middle Ages and antiquity, it seems that from ancient times the Order gathered ancient Greek scientists and philosophers under its wing.

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The birth of the Illuminati society. Founder

A new society of the Illuminati was born in France in 1722. Its founder is considered the enterprising law professor Adam Weishaupt. He lost his father at a young age, so he received his first education among the walls of the Jesuit gymnasium. He soon faced the ignorance and cruelty of the Jesuit teachers, so he developed an aversion to the tenets of faith.

At the age of 15, he enters the University of Ingolstadt, where dogmatism and illiteracy also flourish. Adam brilliantly defended his doctoral degree, and in speed became a professor of law at the alma mater. His attempts to understand church truths lead him into the society of masons. The young scientist was appointed a member of a strict obedience box. For two years, he is rapidly passing all the existing degrees of initiation, but they already seem to him empty and meaningless. Weishaupt decides to create his secret society. He puts the first priority on the establishment of a “golden age” on earth through a bloodless revolution.

Adam fervently hated his Jesuit teachers, but adopted their disciplinary and tactical tricks. He liked the ability to mentors to use a huge arsenal of tools to get it. Therefore, he believed that achieving the highest goal justifies the money spent. An ambitious professor decided to create a society for the restructuring of the world, thanks to the influence of the Jesuit school, coupled with the tenets of the Masonic lodges. Weishaupt believed that enterprising and active people should become members of the new society.He preached: “Search for the rich and distinguished. The ideal new convert will be a sociable and dexterous person, but even better if he turns out to be notable and influential.

The number of members of the order soon totaled 2,000 people. The organization operated until 1786, and after the order of the Elector was dissolved. The police searched the houses where the top representatives lived. There was a pile of papers confirming that the existence of the Illuminati was sponsored by the Rothschild clan.

Illuminati Triangle

Secrets of the Order of the Illuminati

The Order of the Illuminati, in spite of everything, continues to exist secretly. Now society has become a closed club of oligarchs, interconnected by financial benefits and business contracts. The oligarchs have a strict distribution of the hierarchy, so everyone controls their own area of ​​power. The rich pull the strings in all areas of the political and economic activities of mankind. Members of the elite club are in the highest positions, and nowadays they call themselves the “Victory Wind of Moraya”.

Who are the Illuminati? They are also called “black nobility”, because only they dictate their own conditions and rules of action for world governments. Their lineage is lost in the depths of the centuries and goes back thousands of years.They are very scrupulous in matters of blood, so from generation to generation they take care of its purity. The power of the Illuminati rests not only on wealth and power, but also on secret knowledge. They own the oil business, world banks, trading enterprises and organizations.


The Illuminati Triangle denotes power and unity. It is often depicted as a pyramid, commonly found in dollars, buildings, logos, and even films. The pyramid is a symbol of the hierarchy, which is located in the universe. The symbol helps to move from the lowest plan of fragmentation and weakness to the highest plan of unity. According to legend, the shape of the pyramid was not chosen by chance. The rays of the figure converge at the top into one point, which means unity for humanity. The pyramid has 13 steps, and at the top is the all-seeing eye. The society consists of 13 degrees of initiation, which can be clearly seen on the 13 steps of the pyramid on dollar bills.

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Symbol of society

The Illuminati symbol was seen by everyone. There is a large pyramid seal on the US dollar, and an eye is drawn in the triangle above it.The pyramid is an occult emblem for unity, the desire to achieve light harmony. The Great Print marks change and knowledge of the essence or the New World Order. Under the figure, Novus Ordo Seculorum, or the “New secular order” is inscribed. The eye enclosed in a triangle is a shining delta that calls for enlightenment and constant change.

A pentagram or a star, a sign of the United Nations, a star of David, the base of the coat of arms of the USSR completely repeat the signs of the order. The roots of the figure are from Ancient Egypt, where they worshiped the deity of the Sun, and if you look at the sources themselves, then at the head of the magic sign is the worship of Lucifer. The concept of "Illuminati" means "enlightened", and more specifically - "associated with the light", and Lucifer is his angel.

The print shows a bald eagle holding a branch of olive in one paw, and in the other - 13 arrows. In the beak of the eagle there is a scroll where the slogan “one” is inscribed, 13 stars are drawn above the bird’s head. 13 (this is the number of degrees of initiation into the Order of the Illuminati) is the number of Satan or a figure from the Jewish Kabbalah.

Signs of supporters of society

The signs of the ranks of initiation are a rhombus, a pyramid, an eye in a triangle or a pyramid. The pyramid designates the power structure when the group of the “elect” is at the head of the world.The symbol is enhanced if the eye hovers over the unfinished pyramid, then the "All-seeing eye" means. Also use an inverted triangle.

The sign of the three sixes denotes the number of the beast, it is used as an oath of allegiance to Satan. When the number is shown in front of the eye, it denotes the eye of Lucifer.
The sign "devil's horns" is an expression of love for Satan. Researchers believe that this is a trigger for hypnosis, which was used when programming for the obedience of slaves.

The Illuminati Sign "All-seeing Eye" denotes service and loyalty to Satan and the Illuminati.

Illuminati Society

Card Incarnation

In 2013, a pack of Illuminati cards was published - Tarot. It is bright and catchy. The deck is the work of the artist Eric K. Dunn. According to the author, the Tarot of the Illuminati call for a man to know and open the gates to the fantasy world. Plots Arcana very carefully traced with attention to small details, although the colors used the most catchy. At first, this correlation is tiring, but after getting used to the tarot style of the Illuminati, they are admired by the artist's skill. Dunn identifies the structure of the Major Arcana through the prism of the embodiment of divine radiance, which is depicted in the figures as the Sun, the Light of the Month and the brilliance of the Stars. Junior Arcana are depicted in various costumes:

  • Wands depict Persian culture with the scorching sun and boundless spaces.
  • Swords are shown in the relative austerity of the Elizabethan era with a gloomy sky and mountain slopes.
  • Cups are a magical fantasy with waterfalls, lakes and fountains.
  • Pentacles will acquaint with exotic Far East.

Card game

Back in 1995, the Illuminati card game appeared, which became famous after the fall of the twin towers, and it is this image that is on one of the cards. Time passed, and events repeat the pictures on the deck. There are more than 500 cards in the deck.

It is divided into three groups: actions or events, individuals or groups, and 9 Illuminati maps. All heard about the mysterious organization "Union of nine unknowns", ruling the world since ancient times. According to legend, all the knowledge inherited from ancient civilizations to humanity is described in nine books. Each of them saves its keeper.

Illuminati in Russia

Secrets of the Illuminati

There are many rumors about the Illuminati: from fiction to truth. What is true here is that only members of society know, and we only need to guess. Some argue that the Illuminati in collusion with aliens, they conduct illegal experiments on people, hide important knowledge and information from society.There are fantastic assumptions about underground bases that are controlled by reptiloid creatures.

If the Illuminati secretly occupied power, then they have sufficient means to conceal and veil their secrets.

The basic tenets of society

The Illuminati clearly stated their postulates in the book The New Testament of Satan.

In the main place in the art of manipulating the human mind is the capture of public opinion. It is necessary to impose discord and doubt, sow misunderstanding and contradiction between people. Such a delicate process should lead to the loss of one’s own opinion, then the peoples will decide in political matters to rely on the Illuminati. The press should stir interest in the inability of the current government to make the right decisions, therefore, popular discontent will increase.

The second sacrament is the elevation of human weakness, mistakes and habits to the first place, to the point where people will no longer find compromises. It is necessary to defeat the power of the individual - it is she who represents the danger. If it is saturated with creative energy, it will rise more than a million weak-willed people.Through hatred, envy, hunger, deprivation, war, devastation and the spread of disease, absolutely all nations should come to the conclusion that there is no other way but to surrender to the power of the Illuminati.

the secrets of the illuminati

Conspiracy of the Illuminati

The goal of the conspirators is the imposition of a New World Order or the unification of world states under the authority of a single government. It must control the entire planet, and the moral, state, religious, state and national borders will be eliminated. Control of people will be carried out by introducing a microchip. The doctrine says about the achievement of the “Golden Billion”, according to its canons, the population will be reduced to one billion.

Order of the Illuminati

Society in Russia

Are there any Illuminati in Russia? Yes. On the territory of our country, too, is their community. The task of the Illuminati is to achieve unity and equality on earth, which will give people the Light. How they will achieve this, it is not known, everything is shrouded in mystery. Perhaps only the initiate is revealed the truth, but for ordinary mortals it is behind seven locks.

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