Which TV is better: Samsung (Samsung)

Today there are so many models of TVs of any brands on the market that it is not easy to make a choice. If you want to decide which Samsung TV is better to buy, then an overview of the best models of this company will help you decide.

Relevance model range

The company produces more than a hundred TV models, which are very popular around the world. You can not worry about the fact that the proposed model is outdated, since the proposal of such models is contrary to company policy. But even confidence in the relevance of the model is not enough to make a choice, because the models differ from each other in various parameters.

Types of tv samsung

Today on sale you will find three types of TVs:

  • LED TV
  • LCD TV
  • Plasma TV

The main difference of all these types lies in the way the image is transmitted. To make the right choice, you must consider the characteristics of each type in more detail.

LED TVs Samsung

Which TV is better? Samsung offers the largest line of TVs with LED backlight. More than 90 models produced by the company are based on this technology. In total there are 5 series of such TVs - from the fourth series to the eighth. The most modern and innovative is the eighth series.

In the eighth series of LED TVs, there are seven models that are of type ES or D.

  • The ruler ES has a diagonal of 65 inches.
  • The ruler D has a diagonal of 60 inches.

These sizes are very popular today. Favorably this series highlights the fact that the visible parts of the body occupy a small area, which makes the view more impressive. Samsung UE32D6530 is considered to be one of the best Samsung 3D TVs with the LED system, and Samsung UE40D5520 is considered one of the most popular models without 3D support.

Samsung lcd tv

If you want to determine the best Samsung TV for your home, then pay attention to the LCD backlight. This technology was preceded by LED technology. This means that such TVs are gradually becoming obsolete. At the same time, TV models based on this technology are the most popular and reputable. Today the company offers about 20 models in this line.Diagonal TVs are divided into standard 19, 32, 40, 46 inches and 37, 22 and 26 inches diagonals. If you are looking for a time-tested model from the middle price range, then Samsung TV with LCD backlight can be an excellent choice.

Plasma TVs Samsung

Televisions with this image transmission system are full competitors of the varieties listed above. The line of plasma TVs from Samsung can rightly be considered a separate class with its advantages and features. On sale you can find about 20 models of plasma TVs. Such televisions are not intended for use in small spaces. Their characteristics are designed for use as a home theater. The standard diagonal of this TV is 51 inches, and the maximum - 64 inches. The best representatives of this line are Samsung TVs from the top series E6500 and E8000.

The final choice of models for the buyer. It is difficult to say which technology - plasma or LED - is the best. But today it is clear that these two types of TVs are the most advanced among Samsung models.

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