Where to upload the file?

Evgeny Lukashenko
Evgeny Lukashenko
May 24, 2012
Where to upload the file?

Sometimes there are situations when we need to save our data outside the computer. The nearing flood, a nuclear war in your area or just selling a computer is not important. The main thing is that we are interested in where you can upload a file or files, the number varies depending on the situation. Perhaps you just want to share your data with other Internet users.

Numerous services will come to our aid - file sharing. Their number is enormous, and the conditions for downloading, storing and downloading data are different. This includes the amount of stored information, the download / download speed, and the storage charge.

Yes, fee! After all, in order to use someone else's disk space, you need to pay a little to its owner. Still, would you keep someone's files, and, moreover, be responsible for storing your storage for free? Hardly, here I am of the same opinion. In a world where private owners are the backbone of the market, do not wait for indulgence.

Although ... what if there are services where you can upload a file and store it for free? We will understand together!

Where to upload the file: options

Let's start with. Files are stored for 3 weeks, that is, 21 days (days). Each file can be downloaded 800 times, after it will be deleted. Files are uploaded to one stream, file size is limited to 20 megabytes. Up to 100 megabytes can be downloaded from a single IP address. No registration required.

Need to know where to upload large files? Here is a link to the most convenient exchanger. The size of one downloadable file is limited to 100 megabytes, the total size of stored files is unlimited. "But one hundred megabytes is not enough!" - so say lazy. We connect the fantasy, choose a block of files, for example, for 5 gigabytes, archive with Winrar, but not just archive - attention! - and we set the archiving parameters in such a way that the program "chopped off" our archive to 90 megabytes in size, for example. Set the compression ratio to zero, save the computer and time. A few minutes - and you're done! A whole bunch of archives of 90 megabytes, which the same Winrar will help you to glue together in the future. More on the rapids: the shelf life is shocking. Your files will be deleted only after 100,000 downloads! In my opinion, the best in this regard, file sharing.

Another good resource is . It allows you to save files up to 100 megabytes for 5 days, and each new download of your files increases their shelf life by another 5 days.Simplicity and ease of use - everything is clear, clear and understandable. If you wish, you can protect your files with a password or add a comment to them.

I hope now you understand more where to upload the file and how to do it. In any case, there are a lot of file sharing sites, and in general, the principle of working with them is the same. If you do not like the options we offer, you can always find other free file sharing services, for example, it’s enough to search them on Google or in Yandex.

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