Where to sell coins of the USSR

Wanting to sell Soviet coins, many face difficulties in choosing a place of sale. Having studied in detail several available methods, it is possible to sell coins with greater profit and reduced risk.


For a start, it is important to determine whether the coin is worth at least some money and whether it makes sense to spend your energy on finding a buyer. Soviet coins were issued in a huge stream, and it is difficult to find standing representatives among the whole mass.

You can determine the real value by going to an antique shop. In most cases, this will be the most convenient option for the seller.

Another opportunity, more independent, provides the Internet. However, it is worth preparing for viewing a large number of catalogs with coins.

In a relatively easy way, it will be easy to ask a question on the thematic forum of coin lovers. There, most likely, you will receive an exhaustive answer, only you have to wait a certain time.

Mode of sale

Where to sell coins

Places of sale can be divided into two directions. The first and most favorable is the Internet.And the second direction requires live communication with people and active actions in the search for a buyer.

Where it is more convenient to sell coins, it is difficult to determine, but on the Internet, the seller has more maneuverability, both with the choice of the buyer and with the method of sale.

Fear transactions in the network is not worth it. There are many ways that are not only convenient, but also safe. For example: mail and many other courier services have a cash on delivery service. In addition, in some cases, the relationship of the seller and the buyer will regulate the site.

More familiar to most will be a lively search for a buyer. But here comes the logical question of where to sell. Old-fashioned coins or Soviet-style money are not the most popular product, so you have to search.

Online auctions

Where can I sell coins

When aiming to sell your coins online, it is important to know all the methods of marketing. Some options will be reliable, but long, others - fast, albeit with a lower price.

Consider one of the most interesting options for where to sell. Coins of the USSR can be put up for auction, which are numerous on the Internet.

The main disadvantage of this method is the duration of the auction.The approximate time for which you can set a lot is 7-21 days. And given that it takes time to raise prices, the seller will have to wait a very long time.

The advantages of this method are that quite often the buyers instantly pay the lot with a bank transfer. The seller can only send the order. Such a system will work if the seller has an impressive sales rating and good recommendations from previous transactions.

If the buyer does not want to risk, the order can be sent with payment of the coin upon receipt. This will be the guarantor of a fair deal.

It should be borne in mind that the average cost coins can still be paid for with a transfer, but when buying more expensive coins, the buyer will want to protect himself with payment after receipt.

Forums and numismatists

The question of where to sell coins, except for the auction, is logical. He leads us to the forum of coin collectors. Here, in addition to evaluation, you can also sell a coin.

Having published a post with information about the sale, it remains only to discuss with the buyer the cost that suits both parties and the method of delivery.

The main disadvantage of this case can be considered a little undervalued relative to the sale at auction.

Special sites

Where to sell coins

In search of where to sell the coins, everyone stumbles upon colorful sites with information about buying. At first, one may get an impression of the seriousness of the enterprise, but there are some pitfalls.

The most important thing is that before buying a coin, the valuation goes through the site, and is not indicated by you. You may overestimate the value of the coin, but here you will definitely be given less than the real price.

Such sites are engaged in buying rare coins in good condition. The sale price will be noticeably less, but the transaction can be carried out quickly.

In general, if you don’t want to do this yourself, it would be a good way to decide on where to sell the coins.

Social networks

Many people are familiar with social networks, and some use this resource not only for communication, but also for trading.

Special subject groups are a place where you can sell coins. Having posted information about the sale in the group, it remains only to wait for the buyer. Or you can publish an advertisement on your page.

Live sale

In the absence of opportunities or a certain amount of distrust of the Internet, there is another way to sell.This search for buyers and antique dealers in your city.

Where to sell coins in the city, if not from an antique dealer? You should first identify several antique salons for future visits and compare the proposed value.Where to sell coins of the USSR

Usually the price in antique shops is significantly less than the real one. But for a place where to sell coins really and instantly get cash, this is a forgiven drawback.

Unfortunately, the salons are not always able to buy really expensive samples, because some Soviet coins cost several thousand dollars. And in modest salons such amounts are rare.


Where to sell antique coins

In small cities, most likely, it is unrealistic to find clubs of numismatists, but they are definitely present in a large metropolis. Having taken care of the search, you get a lot of advantages in the sale of coins.

The club of numismatists is exactly the place where selling old coins will not be difficult. In addition to helping to establish the real price of a coin, many members of the club will gladly replenish their collection with interesting items.

Even if an extremely rare and expensive copy of a Soviet coin fell into your hands, you can confidently rely on the valuation and honesty of coin collectors.

Although in any case it will be useful to insure and evaluate a really rare coin in several places.


When evaluating a coin for sale yourself, pay attention to the small details that raise the cost.

The year of release and the material play a huge role. Even coins issued in the same year and of the same denomination may differ in value. It depends on the place of stamping.


The choice of where to sell the coins will undoubtedly be yours. But you should definitely weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each method. This will help not only to choose the best option, but also to get a reasonable price.

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