Where to hand scrap?

Our company bought the land in St. Petersburg, on which stands the old collapsing building. It is clear that we will demolish it. But there are a lot of fittings and other scrap metal. Tell me, maybe, who knows a company that accepts scrap in large quantities?
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Answered on June 5, 11:04
Look for announcements about the acceptance of scrap metal on Avito. True, I do not think that your company will be offered a good price, but at least, if you don’t find anything else at all, you will still be in the black.
Answered on June 5, 12:17
I once looked for where to pass scrap metal, so some links remained. For example, the company NevaLom deals with scrap metal reception in St. Petersburg, here is a direct link to its official website. As I recall, it just specializes in receiving scrap in large quantities, so I did not use its services - I had old beds with a net and some - that from the old father's car, there are not taking such quantities.
Answered 5 June 12:24
And advise where to hand over small quantities of scrap metal. I want to make out the rubble in the house I got from my grandmother. It is full of all sorts of metal junk, just do not want to throw in the trash.

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