Where is Lugansk?

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Recently, the Ukrainian city of Lugansk is often spoken and written in the media. Where exactly is Lugansk and what are its features?

Features of the location of Lugansk

Lugansk is situated among picturesque plains andsteppes in the eastern part of Ukraine. Its number is more than 420 thousand people. Lugansk is located where the rivers Lugan and Olkhovaya merge, at a distance of 672 km to Kiev in a straight line.

The appearance of Lugansk is due to Catherine the Greatand the Scottish engineer Carl Gascoigne. The Empress invited an engineer to explore hard coal and iron ore in the valley of the Lugan River. It was Karl Gascoigne and his countrymen who made up the backbone of the Lugansk plant, from which the history of this unusual city began.

To date, the area of ​​the city of Lugansk in itsborders is 28.6 thousand hectares of land. Its main geographical feature is that Lugansk is the most eastern regional center of Ukraine.

The climate for Lugansk is typical of the steppe, so there are few winters in winter, and summer is long and hot. At the same time, summer temperatures are the highest for the country.

Lugansk is famous for its manyattractions. If you are going to this city, be sure to visit St. Vladimir's Cathedral, the Luhansk National Reserve, the memorial "Sharp Grave", the Square of Glory of the Civil War heroes, the captured British tanks of the Civil War and, of course, the complex of stone and earthworks "Mergelyov Ridge" . In addition, the city has many museums, theaters and other cultural facilities.

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