Where can you relax?

If you have a long-awaited vacation ahead, and you are seriously thinking about where to relax on the sea, then you should find out a list of the most popular year-round resorts that joyfully greet tourists with their warm turquoise waters at any time of the year.

Indonesia, Bali Island

This island surrounded by palm trees with a developed tourist infrastructure, luxurious spa centers, excellent service and low prices is the best way to relax in any season. In Bali, the average annual temperature is 26 degrees Celsius, and snow-white sandy beaches with warm sea water make this place attractive for holidays with small children.


Morocco is a multilateral destination for a wide variety of leisure activities at any time of the year. This country attracts attention not only by the wide beaches with soft, ashy sand and the salty coastal waters of the Atlantic Ocean, but also by numerous monuments of ancient architecture.


This destination has remained one of the most popular among tourists from different parts of the world for many years.The warm Red Sea with the extraordinary beauty of the underwater world attracts lovers of marine fauna and just lovers of beach "lazy" rest. In addition, Egypt is full of historical architectural monuments, which are also of great interest.


The most popular resorts in this country are Pattaya, Hua Hin, Phuket Island and Samui. Arriving on holiday in this country, you will always find good weather and warm waters of the Indian Ocean.

Costa Rica

This is another area where you can relax in summer and winter. It offers tourists a swim in the Pacific or Atlantic Ocean, as well as enjoy the amazing beauty of mountain landscapes and amazing beaches. Costa Rica is a great place for a quality holiday, both with young children and for young people.

Dominican Republic

This is a great place for an unforgettable vacation, both in winter and in summer. Even on the coldest days, the temperature of the air and water in the Dominican Republic does not fall below 25 degrees Celsius.


India also belongs to those countries where you can relax at any time of the year.Some travelers, having experienced the magical paradise of GOA once upon a time, no longer agree to any other leisure option. In this country there is a huge variety of leisure activities, which in combination with tropical forests, exotic fauna and flora makes this place one of the best among year-round resorts.

And where can you rest abroad in the winter season? There are some great options for this:

  • Austria. This country is perfect for anyone who does not even think of a day without exciting skiing on the beautiful inclined slopes of numerous trails. In Austria you can find ski slopes not only for professionals, but also for beginners. In addition, this state offers recreation for completely different budgets.
  • Andorra. This is a small, but amazing country is very loved not only by skiers, but also by women. Since Andorra is able to satisfy the most cherished desires of shopaholics, as well as provide the services of excellent SPA centers.
  • Spain. Spain is interesting to visit in the winter season for its diversity of cultural heritage.Art lovers here have something to do and what to see. In addition, Spain attracts tourists for its annual winter sales and fascinating carnivals.

Where can I relax in Russia

Holidays in Russia offer tremendous resources and opportunities for a great pastime. The diverse climatic zones, from the unique beauties of Lake Baikal to the therapeutic mild climate of the Black Sea coast, make it easy to choose the most suitable place to relax for every tourist. Resting in Russia, you can always choose a vacation for the soul. It can be fascinating excursions around the “Golden Ring”, visiting stunning nature reserves, and beach holidays on the shores of the Azov and Black Seas, as well as active holidays in the Ural and Caucasus ski resorts, cruises in the seas, rivers and canals, and treatment in a health resort. and much more. In Russia there are year-round resorts, visiting which you can not only have a good time, but also improve your health. It is also interesting to find out where you can relax in the winter in Russia. At this time of the year, ski resorts of the Altai Territory, the Caucasus, Karelia and the Urals are very relevant areas. Moreover, the price range of tours in these areas is very wide.

After you determine exactly where you want to spend your long-awaited vacation, start folding bags, since, having started to pre-assemble, you will not forget anything. The main thing is to take the first-aid kit and money. A well-planned vacation will leave in your memory a good impression for many years!

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