When was Christianity accepted?

Mikhail Artsybashev
Mikhail Artsybashev
December 24, 2012
When was Christianity accepted?

The adoption of Christianity in Russia played an important role in the formation of the ancient Russian state. The very fact of the unification of Slavic tribes by one religion speaks of the significance of this event in history. Yaroslav the Wise gave Rus a law, Olga brought fixed taxes instead of plundering settlements, Svyatoslav gave clear state borders.

The year when Christianity was adopted, in the current calendar, 988. In all textbooks, this date is referred to as the year of the adoption of Christianity in Russia. Historians have no doubt who first converted to Christianity. The chronicles clearly state that Princess Olga was the first. But she was baptized secretly, and her faith had no national significance.

Since we already remembered the year in which Christianity was adopted, then we should further mention Prince Vladimir Red Sun. It was he who defined Christianity as the state religion and dubbed Russia.

According to legend, when Vladimir chose religion, he sent his people to look at different beliefs,and when it was time to choose, there remained envoys from the Jewish faith, Islam and the Christian Greek Church. Having rejected other religions, Vladimir Red Sunshine chose Christianity. As the legend goes, the prince was struck by the beauty of Greek temples and monasteries.

Baptism of Russia

School textbooks describe the baptism of Russia in a monosyllabic manner. They say that the prince was baptized, and after him the Rusich faith was accepted. In fact, Russia finally became a Christian state only at the end of the eleventh century. Many annals describe the baptism of Russia "with fire and sword" - the new faith was not to the liking of many, most cities preferred the old pagan deities. In response to insubordination, Vladimir Red Sun made for the baptism of entire cities, burning pagan temples and destroying wooden idols. The process continued after Prince Vladimir.

The adoption of Christianity by Rus played a big role in the history of our state. Russia finally became closer to the Christian world, in particular, with its closest neighbors - Lithuania and Byzantium.

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