What to give to a friend on the DR original and memorable?

Best friend! How proudly this word sounds. Surely in your surroundings you have a certain number of girlfriends. From a younger age, starting from kindergarten or school, everyone has their first comrades, who subsequently become the closest and dearest people. And even there are cases when people are friends for the rest of their lives with that school. However, despite the fact that it is the closest, and you know all of its preferences and tastes, it is often quite difficult to make the right choice and present the right thing for such a dear person. On the eve of an important holiday - a birthday - you face the same dilemma every year. So, what to give to a friend on the DR?

what to give the original girlfriend

Friendship is a great thing!

Well, let's understand. An important issue is the duration of your friendship. If you are friends for the first year and do not yet know the preferences of your “soul mate”, you can safely give everything that you see fit.Another question is, if the friendship has been lasting for many years, and during this time you have already donated a lot of useful gifts, and the ideas that come to mind after the question "what to give a friend on the DR" every year becomes less and less. Try to buy a gift in advance in order not to rush to buy “anyhow what”, guided by the principle “just not with empty hands”. The time you spent looking for a gift greatly depends on the degree of joy of your birthday girl. Choosing from the fact that you can give a friend, you need to focus not only on your preferences and tastes, but also take into account the wishes of the most bestowed. After all, if you take the search seriously, you can pick up a really useful and original gift that she will remember as one of the best. And the subject, presented with soul, will surely please the hero of the occasion. Girls connected by a long friendship like no one else know what exactly I would like to receive as a gift from such a close person. Therefore, owning such secrets, a slip can not be in the question of what to present to the best friend.

What can you give your best friend

Can't afford expensive gifts? Do it yourself!

If it does not take much time to buy a gift you have already chosen, then in order to make a souvenir with your own hands, you need to select a couple of hours, no less.But for the best friend because it does not mind the time spent. A gift made by yourself can be very original and useful, especially if you are not the owner of a thick wallet. That's when this option is perfect. What can you give the best friend from homemade products? This can be a bracelet made of wires broken headphones, beads, crafts from beads, you can also weave fashionable youth baubles from beads. These gifts will certainly be appreciated by girls of transitional age. Let's look at a few gift options. Suppose that give a friend? 12 years is a very important date!

what to give to a friend for a day

Puzzles are not only for children

An excellent gift for a girl of twelve years will be a box with puzzles. Yes, collecting puzzles can be carried away at any age, only people with experience in this business choose the number of items much higher than in boxes for small children. Collecting puzzles is a very exciting activity, and if your girlfriend likes to collect them, then feel free to buy a box with the number of items from 500 pieces or more. Such a picture will not be easy to recover even for an adult, so the birthday girl may even need your help.

Health Gifts

There is another cool gift from those who can give to a friend of any age. Rollers are not just fun. By giving skating a certain time, you can significantly improve your health and keep yourself in excellent physical shape.what to give to a friend of 12 yearsMany people specifically buy videos just for this. Special attitude to the rollers in children. Anyone who does not have roller skates, of course, can not wait to get them as a gift. If you decided to choose them from the options to give to a friend at the DR, it should be noted that such a thing is not entirely from the cheap segment. That is why not everyone can afford to make such a gift, but do not despair! You can buy a ticket for a rollerdrom and have a great time with the birthday girl, because almost all the girls love to skate.

Photo album

First you need to decide on the budget allocated for the gift, and based on this already choose a souvenir. What to give your best friend in memory of important points? It can be an album for a photo. Such a gift will always be relevant, you can give it to a friend of any age: for 12 years, and for 14, and even for 18, it will not be superfluous. Young people love to be photographed, so this kind of gift would be most welcome.If you have creative abilities, you can make it yourself. Now there is a huge choice of material for the decor, so everything here will depend only on your imagination.

Gadget Case

What to give a friend for 13 years? At this age, an essential attribute of today's youth is, of course, a touchscreen phone or tablet. All these fashionable gadgets have the ability to scratch, so it will not be superfluous to give a friend a case for a “pet”, after recognizing the model, so as not to lose its dimensions. In the salons of cellular communication, you can pick up the cover you are interested in and purchase a gift. By the way, if you don’t know what to give to a friend, a hand made thing, an idea with a carrying case can come in handy. It is quite possible to make and hand it yourself, but it should be noted that in this case it is necessary to know the exact dimensions.

Pet - the best gift

The dream of almost all children and many adults is a pet. Not everyone can afford to have a dog or a cat, this requires a certain responsibility and space.what to give to a friend at 14But a small pet, such as a parrot or a hamster, is quite possible to grow even in a small-sized dwelling. However, the question of giving a living being is required to be discussed with a friend or her parents.Since the gift is not a thing and requires some care.

Favorite girlfriend can give a wallet

At the age of fourteen, adolescents already have their own pocket money, so you can donate a wallet. Their choice, of course, is huge. Manufacturers offer a variety of varieties, ranging from low-cost fabric and ending with chic leather with a mass of branches and expensive accessories. It is clear that donating an expensive leather wallet to a friend for 14 years is not entirely correct and not everybody can afford, but if the birthday woman is already of legal age, then this option can be considered as quite decent, which will be used every day.

What to give a friend for 18 years?

A lot of people brighten up their dull days listening to music, especially young people who are interested in this. And everywhere, wherever such people are, they are accompanied by joyful rhythms. In megacities one can observe young people in their headphones everywhere: in transport, in the park, at the university, etc.what to give to a friend at 18If your birthday woman belongs to this category of people, then the question "what to give the original to a friend of yours" will be immediately resolved.Give her headphones, thereby help to be constantly with your favorite rhythms, wherever she is. It is advisable to discuss in advance the model of headphones and the size that your friend would like to have, so that your gift does not gather dust later on the shelf. For example, you can not guess the appearance of the gift and instead of volume branded headphones to choose a small neat, and vice versa. But you should know the tastes of your girlfriend, her style of clothes, etc., this information should play into your hands if the model of the desired gift cannot be clarified.

Favorite hobby

Another women's hobby - cooking. Does your girlfriend like to cook delicious meals? Then it makes sense to think about a gift from the kitchen paraphernalia. Now the variety of kitchen utensils is so great that sometimes you can even get confused when choosing what to present to a friend for a birthday that is useful and desirable. Of course, you can purchase a set of dishes or glasses, but this can be presented by any person invited to a holiday, even an unfamiliar person. Surely your birthday girl dreams of kitchen appliances for special purposes. Consider buying a mixer.Also, a blender for mixing and grinding products can be an excellent and very useful attribute of the kitchen. Especially if your best friend already has a family and children, for whom the process of cooking is intended. And on the anniversary you can buy a gift more expensive, it can be an electric kettle or a microwave.

What to give to a friend on dr

Gifts for adults

Very fashionable in our time is a gift that brings impressions. These include all sorts of entertainment, such as skydiving, hot air ballooning, paintball, diving, visiting a beauty salon or a nightclub. Of course, if your friend has grown to such entertainment and is a lover of thrills, as well as emotional outbursts, then you just need to make for her such a surprise. Because giving a friend to DR on the opportunity to do his favorite thing, and to participate in the process itself is great! For a long time no one is satisfied with homemade feasts with traditional salads and cake at the end of the feast. It is much more practical to spend a holiday in any institution, and a great gift for your birthday girl would be a holiday arranged by you only for her.What to give to a friend, cooked with your own hands? You can organize some surprise: a congratulation or a song performed by your favorite artist, specially prepared for the hero of the occasion, or an animators performance according to a pre-arranged scenario.

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