What to eat for dinner?

Recently, all passionate about a healthy lifestyle. Everyone is watching their figure, going to the gym, trying to be healthy and beautiful. It is no secret that the basis of normal weight and a healthy body is a complete and proper nutrition. And everyone knows the common phrase about dinner, which must be given to the enemy.

And, in fact, the food eaten by us in the evening turns into fat on our sides and, sometimes, harms the quality of sleep. But how to refuse to eat in the evenings, when we come home from work so tired and hungry, who ate all day eating what was not known, and sometimes even not eating anything all day? So, what to eat for dinner, to stay slim and not overload the body?

The basic rules of dinner

The first thing you need to know is that you need to eat dinner four hours before bedtime. Otherwise, your stomach will not have time to digest the food, and instead of resting, you will turn from side to side all night, you will have nightmares, you will wake up broken and not sleep, if you can sleep at all after a dense and hearty dinner before bedtime.

Second, dinner should be light, since all the calories you eat in the evening are converted not to energy, but to fat.Keep this in mind when your hand involuntarily reaches for a candy or a smoked sausage sandwich.

And third, some foods cause excitation of the cerebral cortex, and you can not fall asleep, and some, on the contrary, contain substances that allow you to fall asleep quickly and sleep soundly all night without waking up.

When deciding what is best to eat for dinner, you should, first of all, delete the following products from the list of evening products: sausages, flour and sweet, fatty soups, fried meat, fried potatoes and pickles with smoked meats. Do not think that we have excluded all the most delicious, and there is nothing left. This is not true. There is still a mass of tasty and healthy dishes. In general, dinner should account for about 20% of the daily requirement of food, so consider yourself what your portion should be.

So, what to eat for dinner

It is better if it is protein food: chicken, fish, rabbit, lean meat. From these products you can cook a lot of tasty and healthy dishes. Knowing what to cook from fish, and how tasty to cook chicken, you will be able to please the whole family with a delicious dinner, pleasing both the meat-loving husband, and naughty kids. You can bake or extinguish the rabbit.It is a dietary, but very tasty meat.

When cooking poultry or fish, you should not make mashed potatoes or boil pasta with butter. As a side dish, best of all, fit vegetable salad, seasoned with vegetable oil or lemon juice. Meat and vegetables are perfectly combined with each other, give a feeling of satiety and are well digested. You can boil the beans or cauliflower.

You can also make an omelet with tomatoes or a light chicken or fish soup.

If you are having dinner alone today, you can simply take natural yogurt, chop fruits into it, add a handful of nuts, and if you are a sweet tooth, then you can fill all this beauty with a spoon of honey. You will have a very tasty and extremely healthy dinner. As a drink fit green tea with lemon.

What to eat for dinner yet? You can boil rice, it is better if it is brown, add to it a vegetable mixture, boiled and peeled shrimps or pieces of fish. Italians call it risotto and are the favorite of the dishes.

You can simply cook oatmeal with fruit or cook buckwheat.

The cooking method best suited for dinner is roasting, boiling, or steaming, because you can eat a piece of oily fish and a chop for dinner if they are cooked in a double boiler.

If you have a cake at home, or your mother baked delicious pancakes and fried meat pies, tell yourself that you eat it all in the morning, because all these goodies eaten for breakfast will not harm your body, especially if you Worn all day like a squirrel in a wheel.

Knowing what the dinner should be, you can become healthier and even lose those hated couple - three kilograms that did not allow you to buckle up your most favorite skirt, without putting any effort into it. Adhering to these rules, those extra pounds will slowly but surely leave you, and your stomach will thank you so much, since you will forever forget about the many problems associated with it.

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