The laptop accompanies our life literally everywhere, that on the robot, that at home. Modern technologies quietly enter our lives and are fixed there for a long time. But when they stop working, then we realize their importance.
No laptop initialization? What does it mean? So this is the fact that the laptop does not respond to pressing the start button of the device. If you clicked on the “Power” button and earned only the internal cooler, the Casp Lock, Num Lock buttons light up and then do not go out, then things are bad for your laptop.
The most common cause of a lack of device initialization is an internal fault. The laptop must be carried in for repair. But in the beginning, you can try to deal with the problem yourself, it is possible that the matter is only in the detached parts of the system. It is important to remember, if the laptop is under warranty, then you should immediately go to the service center, where the experts will be able to sort out your problem quickly. If the warranty period is over, it is possible to repair the laptop yourself at home.

You can remove the battery to reset the system.You can remove the battery to reset the system.
Some problems with the lack of device initialization can be fixed at home. Experts have published instructions for repairing a laptop at home. The source of this problem can sometimes be dropped or simply not tightly fixed RAM.
To check this version you need to find a panel with a RAM module on the back of the notebook, unscrew the special bolt holding the cover. Next, we check how the memory is kept on the slot, and if the fixings are removed, then snap them back. Care should be taken with RAM because it is very easy to damage.
If the memory is OK, then you need to check the processor. Remove the back cover and get to the processor. If you are not sure of the correctness of your actions, then it is better to go in for repairs so far. If your competence allows you to perform this operation, then you first need to remove the regular keyboard. The algorithm of your actions depends on the model and parsing order, which is specified in the instructions. Reaching the processor, make sure that its legs are intact, not bent and not damaged.After that, lock the processor in its place and secure with the latch.
Often, laptop batteries are to blame for this behavior, then you just need to buy new ones or repair old ones. This is the simplest solution. To check this version, you should pull the battery out of the laptop and plug the adapter into the network. If the laptop is working, then the problem is in the battery.
But one of the main and most terrible reasons related to the inability to turn on the laptop is the failure of the motherboard. And the solution to this problem should be shifted onto the shoulders of employees of specialized service centers for repairing laptops. They will be able to diagnose the device and order the necessary details. But it is worth being prepared that repairs may take a month.
Editorial advises, before carrying a laptop for repair, read customer reviews of service centers to choose a decent and high-quality repair in your city.

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