What to do if Odnoklassniki blocked?

Site Odnoklassniki blocked, what to do? People are beginning to ask this question more often. On the one hand, the fact is that there are more and more users of a popular social network, and on the other hand, the global network is known to be an environment where hackers, fraudsters and competing companies operate, which use different ways of fighting for the user. .

The problem with the address bar

So, what to do if classmates blocked in this case? First, check the address of the site in the address bar, perhaps the error is in it. In this article we will give you detailed instructions on how to unlock your page in classmates.

If the address is correct, then find the “hosts” file, it is usually located on the C: \ Windows \ System32 \ drivers \ etc \ drive. Open this file in notepad and see what is written there. There should not be lines with the word "odnoklassniki". If such strings occur, they must be deleted.

It does not hurt to check your computer with any antivirus, you can do it with the free CurelT program from DrWeb.

Update your DNS cache, you can simply restart your computer.

After such procedures, the classmates site should function again.

Access is denied

What to do if the entrance to classmates is blocked? Let's understand this question. If this site is denied access, then it is necessary for someone. For example, to close access to any site can be done on a network where several computers are combined into a single network, as happens in offices. The boss may instruct the administrator to prohibit access to social networking sites, and then their visit will be impossible from this Internet line. But you can use the services of intermediary sites. There are many such sites.

And most importantly, it will look that classmates do not visit you, but the intermediary site. In order to take advantage of such a site, enter its address in the address article and get to this site. There you will see the form to enter your login and password to classmates, enter them and get into your account on the social network. If you failed to get into your account with one intermediary, then try using another intermediary. Thus, you can get on your page in classmates, even if it is blocked by a virus.

What if the site is classmates blocked by the administrator of the site itself classmates. Such locks occur due to violation of user agreements. Here you are powerless. You will need to write to the site administrator and explain why these agreements were violated.

Account lockout message

It happens that the user receives a message: Page classmates blocked, what to do? First, check out where the message came from. This kind of message should only be from the site administrator. All the other messages are sent by scammers who ask to send a certain amount of money to the wallet or send SMS to a short number. You should not send SMS or transfer money to the submitted accounts, the money will be written off not small, but there will be no result. Seeing a similar message, you get another confirmation that this is a complete divorce. What exactly needs to be done is to check the computer for viruses, and if they are detected, treat or delete it.


If access to the site is blocked, then there may be several reasons: it is blocked by a virus, Internet service provider, classmate administrator or your boss.But in any case, the tips of this article will help you to open access to your page on classmates.

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