What to cook puff pastry? Puff pastry

Nobody refuses baking: neither adults, much less children. Even losing weight seek out the recipe, allowing you to enjoy and save the results achieved. Without a doubt, every housewife has her own list of what to make from puff pastry for a holiday, snack or dinner. All dishes in it are tested and approved by the family. So there is no reason to doubt that baking will be in place. However, sometimes proven recipes are boring. And then the home cook begins to suffer the question of what to make from puff pastry. Our article is designed to help resolve it. And it is possible - and fill up the cookbook.what to cook puff pastry

Dough do it yourself

Most often modern forever busy cooks buy ready-made, since it is rather difficult to make puff pastry. Worse, the process takes several hours, which can not be allocated to this matter.However, any cook should at least once in their life create puff pastry on their own to understand what it really should be. The main thing is to take it in a great mood, otherwise the dough definitely will not succeed. The process will consist of three approaches.

  1. Kneading. Before cooking the puff pastry, half a pound of flour must be sifted. A small depression is made in the hill, into which two eggs are driven in, half a spoonful of salt and a little bit of citric acid are poured into it. There also pours a glass with a third very cold (but without ice) water. The dough is kneaded, covered with a wet towel and left for forty minutes.
  2. Butter. A pound of butter is frozen, coarsely rubbed, lightly powdered, covered with cling film and rolled into a square. Then it hides again in the refrigerator so that it can keep its shape, but does not freeze.
  3. Rolling out. The dough rolls out into a thick layer (two centimeters). Butter is placed on it with a diamond, the corners are wrapped in an envelope, the dough is rolled out - this time with a thickness of one and a half centimeters. Gently rolled up, covered with a wet towel - and half an hour ago in the cold.Then it rolls again, folds, cools (already a quarter of an hour). So you need to do at least three times. Flour when rolling should be a minimum amount, otherwise the dough quickly "spin".puff pastry recipes

When the consistency suits you, you can begin to master the recipes from puff pastry. Or put it in the freezer until the next significant event - it is stored for a long time and it does not get any worse.

Guests on the threshold

If friends or relatives took you by surprise, pizza is what you can make from puff pastry quickly, and from what is on hand. And if you are warned, but do not have time to build something "long-playing", buy canned small mushrooms and capers - the rest will surely be found in the refrigerator and cabinets. The dough is rolled; if you want a portion of pizza - cut it into squares. The base is smeared with ketchup or sauce (loved or tucked under the arm), sliced ​​plates with capers are laid out on top, you can sprinkle the stuffing with dry greens or seasonings. Shredded cheese is poured on top - and for ten minutes in the oven. There is a huge scope for fantasy: here you can add sausages or sausage,Bulgarian pepper or olives - what remains in the refrigerator in a small amount for a serious dish.puff pastry cake

Meat pie

The main thing is to have puff pastry - there will be baking recipes for it! And on a feast, and for dinner, a pie with meat will be appropriate. And with all sorts of nice additions, he will eat much faster than he will cook. Half a leek is added to transparency, after which a pound of minced meat is added. Under the lid the filling is fried until done; shortly before removing it is peppered and salted. Cooked a couple of eggs and a large carrot, chopped into small cubes and added to the meat.puff pastry recipe with photoThere is poured chopped greens. The dough is not too thin; they are laid out form, pan or baking sheet. According to the resulting bottom with sides, the filling is distributed, covered by the second, more thinly rolled sheet of dough. The edges are pinched, a hole is made in the middle, and the puff pastry meat pie is put in the oven. After a third of an hour you can eat. Thanks to the preliminary preparation of the "entrails" he is preparing very quickly.

Sea curls

From the finished puff pastry invented a lot of fast dishes.Including those in which it is also not necessary to mess around for a long time. For example, you have in stock a package of crab sticks. Do not immediately shred them into a salad, use a more interesting offer. The dough (a quarter kilogram) is rolled into a single layer. From it strips are cut - as much as sticks in a pack. It is necessary to roll on the table, sprinkled with lovingly selected spices, so that they penetrated into the dough. Cheese plates (five pieces) are cut to the size of the sticks, which are inserted between them and rolled into the dough. In the oven for 25 minutes - and a great snack is ready.puff pastry baking recipes

Legs in dough

Puff yeast dough recipes have not been ignored by bird "spare parts". Six chicken drumsticks are rubbed with pepper and salt and left alone for half an hour. Then go to the oven to reach half-ready. A small piece of cheese during this time must be grated, and the dough should be rolled out and cut into legs with long strips. If desired, the skin is removed from the legs; if you are not picky about proper nutrition, you can leave it. Each leg is rolled around in cheese crumb and wrapped in a strip of dough.The baking sheet is lined with baking parchment, blanks are laid out on it and put into the oven for a third of an hour. With salad and tomato juice - you can't think of the best delicacy!from the finished puff pastry

Sausages in dough

A childhood recipe that can easily be realized by going on the way from work to pack a ready-made dough. And to heighten the flavor and subtlety of taste, you can supplement it with bacon or smoked bacon. Each sausage is wrapped in a thin plate of smoked meat. The dough is rolled and cut into strips. If you like scented dishes, you can sprinkle dried herbs. The sausage product is wrapped with spiral dough; Sausages are placed on a baking sheet and are cleaned into the oven for a quarter of an hour.

Lorraine pie

What is most often prepared from dough? Naturally, pies! And in this regard, you can give complete freedom of their imagination - the filling can be anything. And we advise you to make a puff pastry cake originally from Lorraine. The secret is that at first a kind of form is made for him: the dough is rolled into a thick pancake, the form is laid out (with the sides). The extra edges are cut off - solely for the harmony of appearance.A large “basket” is baked until half cooked. At the same time, the filling is prepared: a quarter of a kilo of not very fat bacon is finely chopped and fried in a lid without oil (it will give enough fat). Then the same amount of chopped onion is poured, which is passaged to a transparent state. Filling is done: four eggs and a half cups of cream are whipped, grated cheese (200 grams) and finely chopped onion feathers plus black ground pepper and grated nutmeg are poured into the mixture. Bacon with onions are distributed along the bottom of the "basket", poured into the mixture - and in the oven, to a blush.puff yeast dough recipes

Mushrooms with potatoes and cheese

No less delicious cake from puff pastry. Forest mushrooms will be more fragrant, but champignons are also acceptable. Subtlety recipe - in the method of cooking potatoes. A third of a kilogram of tubers is thinly cut and put not into the water, but into a mash made from a glass of milk with a package of cream and crushed garlic clove. When the potatoes are cooked, it is mashed with the liquid in which it was cooked, nutmeg, salt and pepper. One-third of a kilo of mushrooms is fried in chopped form in butter until the juice ceases to expire. The dough is rolled out, the form is extended to them.At the bottom is mashed potatoes, on top - mushrooms, and a puff pastry cake is poured with grated cheese. A third of an hour - and your dinner tempts you with a smell at the table.

Cherry Puffs

So far, we have only considered savory puff pastry recipes. But do not forget about the desserts - the children will not forgive you. Even in winter, cherry is available, even if frozen, and with it we will prepare sweets. A pound of berries are filled with sugar (a quarter cup is enough) and left until the juice is extracted. When it is typed enough, pour two spoons of starch to make the filling thicker and not leak. The layer of dough is cut into squares, the size of which depends on the size of the planned puffs. A spoon of filling is placed inside each piece; the edges are stuck together with a triangle, and a small incision is made from above. In the oven, the puffs will spend about 25 minutes, if you set the temperature to 200. After removing them from the oven to the cuts, you need to report a little more spoonful of stuffing so that it puffs out of the puff directly - for temptation. And you can drink tea!

German strudel

One of the most popular delicacies of puff pastry. The recipe (with the photo is especially clearly visible) will delight you with just a wonderful addition to tea or coffee.At one time it was less accessible, since it required a long fuss with the test. Now - even though every day is peki, because you can make strudel from puff pastry bought at the store in a matter of minutes. Well, certainly not longer than half an hour. While the dough is frozen, and the oven is heated, a pound of apples are peeled, cut into thin slices and poured with cinnamon, chopped dried apricots and raisins. The dough is rolled as thinly as possible - so as not to tear. The inner side is lubricated with lean or ghee. Only the edges remain dry. The surface is powdered with ground breadcrumbs, the filling is laid out on half of it, the dough is rolled up. It will remain neat to put the strudel on the parchment, which is used for the baking sheet, and send the last one to the oven for about forty minutes. Children will be delighted!

Buy or make yourself lovingly puff pastry, baking recipes - in front of you. Grateful eaters in perspective. In any case, your culinary efforts will definitely be noticed by the family. Choose exactly what you want to cook from puff pastry. A recipe with a photo will surely convince you of the right choice - in company with your husband and children.

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