What to cook from sorrel?

Irina Vashchenko
Irina Vashchenko
April 17, 2015
What to cook from sorrel?

If in the spring you were tempted by the first juicy green leaves on the market, bought a bunch of sorrel, brought it home, and now you do not know what to make of it, use our advice.

What can be cooked from sorrel

First meal

The first thing that all hostesses usually come to mind at the sight of a delicious bundle of sorrel is, of course, green borscht. Sorrel borsch can be cooked lean or in meat broth. For cooking broth, you can use pork, chicken or beef.
If you do not like the taste of tomato dressing, then you can make green sorrel or pickle from sorrel.

Do not eat meat? Make sorrel with fish or crayfish necks, sorrel with porcini mushrooms or champignons or light diet sorrel soup made with sorrel (for greater satiety, this soup is filled with thick cream and boiled eggs and some rice are added to it).

Fillings for pies and pancakes

From sorrel, you can cook not only the first courses.It makes a great filling for pies or pancakes. Sorrel is often used in combination with spinach to make a filling. To make such a “green” filling spicy and savory, fried onions, grated hard cheese, salted cottage cheese or cheese, olives without pits and black ground pepper are added to it.

If you need a sweet-and-sour stuffing, then you only need to add a pinch of cinnamon, a few spoons of sugar and some potato starch (for thickness) to your sorrel.


You can make various salads from the youngest and tender leaves of sorrel. To taste the best with sorrel, the following products are combined: cheese, green onions, olives, boiled eggs, boiled potatoes, vegetable oil, dill, radish, mayonnaise, spinach and various varieties of green salad. It is them (in various combinations) that are mainly used for making salads with sorrel.

Second courses

Sorrel can be used as an omelet filler. Also, sorrel is very good in taste with flounder, which is confirmed by the classic recipes "Fried flounder with oxalic sauce" and "Flounder stewed with sorrel and spinach."
You can also make potato or mushroom casserole with sorrel.

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