What to cook with onions?

Usually onions are used as a supplement to various dishes: appetizers and salads, meat and fish, soups and side dishes. It adds spice and flavor to the food, and when fresh, it also activates the body's defenses during the rampant viral infections. This information is not secret for anyone. But not everyone knows about what can be cooked from onions.

But this is - a lot of both traditional and unusual, but, most importantly, delicious dishes. Consider some interesting recipes in which onions act as the main ingredient.


Fried onions can be served with scrambled eggs, savory porridge, pasta, potatoes or meat. Cooks from different countries approach the preparation of this simple dish in different ways.

  • In Russia, for example, they are used to frying onion rings, first rolling them in flour. This allows you to get a golden crisp.
  • A French cook, before sprinkling flour onion rings, will dip them in milk. The taste is more delicate.
  • Perhaps the most unusual is the Chinese recipe.There is no flour in this recipe, but salt, pepper, a spoon of honey and as much apple cider vinegar or lemon juice are added in turn to crushed onions sprinkled on the pan with butter. You can add basil to flavor. Now it remains, with constant stirring, to bring the dish to readiness, that is, to the transparency of the fried pieces. Golden crust should not be here.

Stew and bake

Probably, many housewives know that you can make delicious goulash from onions and meat. There is nothing surprising in this. It is not for nothing that the proverb says: "There will be a hen, and the little fool will cook." For the preparation of the following dishes no meat is required.

Slightly fry half rings of onion, add halves of ripe plums (in the same amount as onions), a little water, salt, sugar, pepper to taste. After a few minutes of stewing under the lid, the dish is ready. Now, if you want, you can add chopped ham and greens.

Distribute onion rings, fried until ready, in an even layer on the bottom of a baking dish, oiled and sprinkled with ground breadcrumbs, pour a mixture of sour cream and beaten egg, sprinkle with cheese and send to the oven.


Stuffed dishes are tasty and look beautiful on any table. Usually stuffed poultry, fish, peppers, potatoes, tomatoes and zucchini. But about the fact that you can cook delicious onion stuffed snacks, or do not know, or forget. And it is completely in vain.

You can stuff fresh onions with vegetable salad, you can boil them for 3-5 minutes and, filling mushrooms with stewed in cream, stew for half an hour in a mixture of vegetable broth and white wine, lightly sprinkled with soy sauce. Mushrooms are completely replaceable with minced meat from roasted chicken fillet and chopped olives, cheese and garlic. Prepare this dish for 5 minutes in a preheated oven.


Marinated together for meat kebabs and onions, then fried on open fire on skewers - is this not a delicacy? In addition, onions can be simply marinated for several hours, and then you can eat as a separate dish, or you can serve as a side dish to meat dishes.

Unusual dishes

Onions can be prepared soufflé, however, you have to tinker, but it's worth it. So, two large onions, after grinding and browning, in a spoon of butter, boil for 10 minutes in a small amount of water over low heat.At this time, mixed with a spoonful of butter half a glass of cream, two tablespoons of flour and, while stirring, boil this mixture for 5 minutes. In the finished sauce, add two beaten yolks and onions, mix and cool. Salting and peppering the cooled mixture, add whipped proteins into it and bake in forms for 30 minutes.

But perhaps the most exotic thing you can cook with onions is jam. True, it is used as a sauce for poultry and vegetables. So, to the fried half rings 7-8 onions add 2.5 cups of brown sugar. After the sugar boils, they reduce the heat and, stirring, boil for about half an hour. Then, adding a quarter cup of white wine vinegar, boil another 15 minutes. That's all.

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