What should be the state?

The state, as a complex social structure created by the people, since its inception, has provided and performed specific social functions that were determined by the traditions and mentality of the population. The question of what the state should be is of concern to any conscious citizen of their country. Any state should act in the interests of the people who created it. Thus, the people trust them and give them the highest authority for making decisions of national importance, and also controls the performance of their functions by the state. But this does not happen immediately, after the final realization by the people of the fact that the existing state system does not correspond and does not meet the requirements of what the state owes us. The verdict handed down by the people will determine the future path of its development.

The state system, its social significance and its role in society are determined by the functions of the state, determined by economic, political and social relations, both within society and with other countries.

State Functions

The state functions are influenced by the nature of social relations in various fields of activity. The common goal of all functions is to preserve the social, political, economic, and social order in society.

  • Political function. It is aimed at developing democracy, improving political institutions, strengthening democracy, ensuring the rights and freedoms of its citizens. The state should not prohibit demonstrations, rallies, meetings, thereby supporting and listening to its citizens, their problems and demands.
  • Ecological function. It ensures the creation of a safe environment for the life and health of citizens.
  • Military function. It consists in protecting the country and its people from attacks from outside.
  • Economic function. In a market economy, the state should ensure that all laws and conditions for its development are respected, as well as create conditions for competition. The general goal of the state’s economic function is to create wealth for the individual, to ensure his well-being, to maximize the legal and social protection of the individual. Disputes over whether the state should regulate the economy are ongoing.Leading economists and financiers argue that the command economy adversely affects the life of society, while other experts say the opposite. In any case, state regulation is necessary in the event of cataclysms, warriors, crises, as well as to care for the poor. The scope of economic activity of the state also includes price regulation, which most objectively reflects the state of the economy, the nature of business, investment, the stability of the national currency, and the social sphere. The state influences pricing by resorting to certain methods and methods.
  • Social function. The state should provide its citizens with a job and a decent standard of living. In a market economy that gives rise to unemployment, the state should address employment issues for the able-bodied population in its favor, as well as regulate the labor market. The question of whether I should be to the state consists in the active participation of citizens in the fulfillment by the state itself of economic, political, environmental and other functions.
  • Legal functionState legislative bodies develop and adopt legislative acts that regulate economic and entrepreneurial activities in the country, determine the forms and property rights, the conditions for concluding contracts, prevent abuse, ensure consumer protection

The ultimate goals of the state are: the achievement of stability and balance, integrity and dynamism of the development of society, the provision of material and organizational resources for improvement and progress, that is, the creation of conditions of citizens' confidence in the future.

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