What should be a wallet?

Elena Krylova
Elena Krylova
April 1, 2013
What should be a wallet?

Money loves to count, and they love to be treated with respect. Therefore, in order for the money in your wallet to be good, and so that it constantly strives for you, you need to seriously address the issue of what the wallet should be.

What kind of wallet should be: recommendations

  1. Spacious. The wallet should be by all means spacious. It is important that the money was stored in it in a straightened form, were not folded, and wrinkled. If you don’t have money in your wallet, it’s unlikely that you will have it at all. It should have several compartments, including a compartment for change. Bills and coins should not be kept together.
  2. Dear A purse is a symbol of wealth, is not it? Therefore, it should be clear what the purse should be. A purse should not be worn, torn and full of holes, because it is a sign of poverty. It must also be expensive. If you do not have money for an expensive model yet, buy yourself a purse of an average price category, but not from artificial leather or oilcloth.Allow yourself a leather or suede wallet. Artificial materials prevent the passage of energy of money, this is the opinion of Feng Shui.
  3. The correct color. It is important to choose a purse of the desired color. Buy a purse of red, black, gold, brown colors. These are the colors of earth and money. Do not buy in any case blue, blue and green wallets. These colors of air and water, and they, as we know, are fleeting, which is not very good for money.

Order in the wallet

If you also have a purse of the desired color, size and material, then look at what you store in it. The purse must be perfect order. Remove all old receipts, checks, tickets, and other trash. Leave the money in par, from larger to smaller, and credit cards. This is all that should be stored in it.

By the way, many of us hold photos of a loved one or children. Do not do this. A purse is a place to store money, and your family is not a material value, so let the photo move somewhere else.

What to keep in your wallet: tips

  • The wallet should never remain empty. Remember this. Whenever you go shopping and spend money, remember that you can not in any case spend every penny.Let at least some money remain in your wallet, even if it is one, but unchangeable note
  • It would not be bad to have in your purse a kind of money talisman, a coin or a picture that you especially appreciate, which in your understanding is connected with money.

If it happened that you found or donated money to you, try to get rid of them as soon as possible, spend it, this is easy money, and they should be kept separate from what you earned. Now, knowing what a wallet should be, you will make the right choice, and you will always have money. The right wallet will attract the energy of money, and that’s what you are striving for.

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