What is training?

December 19, 2014
What is training?

In our language there are borrowed words that have one or more meanings. Words that have one meaning include, for example, the word "training."

Let us consider in more detail what “training” is and where this word is used in life.

What does the term "training"

The word "training" came to us from the English language, where it meant "educate, train." Training is a special form of training, which is aimed at developing the necessary skills, knowledge, skills and social attitudes. Often in the training there is not only a theoretical part, but also a practical one. Trainings are mainly distributed in various companies that care about training their employees in new skills and knowledge. In this case, training can be both physical and psychological. Hardening can also be attributed to a special type of training.

Training is considered as training, training, or as a form of active learning. This word originated a long time ago, but training began to be actively used from 1912 by Dale Carnegie, who founded a special center for teaching public speaking and social interaction.This center exists to this day. From this point on, various trainings began to appear and special teachers appeared who conducted these trainings for a fee in various companies. Even today, new training methods are emerging.

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