What is the tariff?

January 26, 2015
What is the tariff?

Very often one can hear the word "tariff" in everyday life. Often it is used in connection with the payment of any services. But not everyone knows what a tariff is and in which particular areas the given word is used.

Let us consider this issue in more detail.

What does the word "fare" mean?

A tariff is a whole system of payments for various services that any companies and organizations can provide. Tariffs also include the wage system in different companies. This term originated from the Arabic language and initially called the "tariff" islands near the Strait of Gibraltar, where the Arabs levied a special tariff table on bribes for the passage of ships and the transportation of goods. Since then, the word tightly entered into use throughout the world.

The word "tariff", for example, can be used for the system of payment for services of cellular operators. Each operator may have its own tariff plan or several plans.

From this word went many other phrases like

  • Tariff rate - the size of the payment or salary in the composition of wages, if the employee in the company has fulfilled its labor rate;
  • The tariff category is a system of categories that determines the ratio of wages and labor of state employees;
  • Customs tariff is a system of duties, which is imposed on any goods imported into the country through the border or by air. Serves as a settlement system for a country's economy. Customs tariffs can be export and import.

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