What is the definition?

This article will discuss one of the many significant words. Polysemy is the ability of one word to contain information about various objects and phenomena. There are quite a few such ambiguous words in Russian, and today we will look at what a definition is.

The first and main interpretation of the term "definition"

First of all, it should be said that the definition is a logical procedure, which is intended to give a strictly fixed meaning to various terms. The encyclopedic dictionary says that this word is intended to establish the meaning of words that are not familiar to us with the help of other already known verbal units. For example, the definition of a thermometer will indicate that it is the instrument with which the temperature is measured.

Let us give examples of several types of definition:

  • Intentional. It contains a description of properties and characteristics, explains the meaning of the term, indicates the nearest concepts.
  • Real. Displays signs and characteristics due to which differences are formed from other objects.
  • Axiomatic.It is built from logical expressions as a set of statements, which contain the concept defined and defining in these statements.
  • Nominal Defines the term, with the help of such definitions, new terms appear and signs are introduced that denote terms.

Definition in Russian

What is the "definition" in terms of the great and mighty? This is the name of the secondary member of the sentence, which denotes the attribute of the subject. The definitions clarify the other members of the sentence and always answer the questions “what?”, “Whose?”. They are of two types - consistent and inconsistent. The former are combined in number, case, or gender with the word being defined. Can be expressed by an adjective, pronoun, participle or numeral. For example - “I found a red apple”, “our road”, “green forest”, “give me the third book”.

Inconsistent definitions are always combined with either a main adjacency or control. They are expressed with a noun with a preposition and without it, an infinitive, an adverb, an adjective to a comparative degree, a possessive pronoun and an integral phrase.For example: “Flight of a pilot”, “I have a desire to walk”, “a bigger house” and so on.

Inconsistent definitions denote various features:

  • a sign that indicates the characteristic of the object in relation to space
  • material attribute
  • a sign indicating that the subject has external features and details
  • a sign that indicates the contents of the item
  • a sign that indicates the purpose of the subject, but only if they are expressed by the noun with prepositions in oblique cases

Definition in jurisprudence

What is a “definition” in the legal sphere? So called the type of judicial act issued by the court on those issues that require resolution during the trial. But the definition is essentially not solved. Judicial determination can be made both by drawing up a separate document, and by recording it in the protocol during a court session. In addition, the definition is still used in civil, criminal and administrative processes. In these cases, the so-called final judicial act of the cassation judicial instance is so called.

Other definitions

It is also worth mentioning about several other meanings of this word. First, the definition is synonymous with such a thing as "measurement" - it is the clarification of the exact value of a certain value. Secondly, the definition is the appointment of a person to some kind of job or position.

In general, as you can see, our great and mighty Russian language offers many very different interpretations of the same word.

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