What is complex? Meaning of the word

What is complex? Not everyone can answer this question. Although this word is often used in speech as a specific person, and his acquaintances, friends, or completely strangers. But do we always understand what the conversation is about when we hear a phrase with the word “complex”?

For those who want to understand what is an unfamiliar or incomprehensible word, this article was written. In which its meaning, etymology, correct spelling and pronunciation, as well as many other useful and interesting features of the word "complex" are investigated and described in detail.

what is a complex

What does the word "complex"

When people get to know each other, they first of all call their names. And then they briefly tell what they actually are. Similarly, there is a familiarity with new words. A person first hears a word that is still unknown to him, and then investigates his interpretation. Thus, figuring out what object, phenomenon, action, it signifies.

To find the most complete and understandable meaning of the word "complex" is most reasonable in one of the many Russian-language explanatory dictionaries. For example, you can use the works of such linguists and linguists as Natalia Yulyevna Shvedova, Sergei Ivanovich Ozhegov and others. Or old, but well-proven among both schoolchildren and teachers dictionary of Vladimir Ivanovich Dahl.

Proceeding from the word “complex” proposed in any of these interpretative dictionaries, it means a certain set. What exactly, let's see in the next paragraph.

meaning of the word complex

Etymology of the word "complex"

"Etymology" is the term of the Russian language, which implies the origin or history of the word. When studying unfamiliar nouns and adjectives, verbs, etc., this feature of the word plays a very important role. Indeed, in most cases, it is she who is able to tell why any object, action, or something else has received such, sometimes absurd name.

The Russian word “complex”, analyzed in this article, like many other Russian-speaking words, has Latin roots - the complexus. In our native language, it is translated as follows: combination, connection.Therefore, this term usually denotes a single set of something single, having common features, purpose, serving one purpose.

The word "complex" is found in different industries, because it can be used in different contexts. What exactly, we find out further.

Complex in chemistry

Chemists are well aware of what a complex is. And both the people who have chosen this science as a life vocation, and simple schoolchildren, who in chemistry classes learn only its basics.

So, in this area, the word studied in the article can be interpreted as a special kind of combination of chemical elements.

synonym for the word complex

Complex in the economy

Economists are also well acquainted with the meaning of an unfamiliar word. However, their interpretation differs significantly from the representation of people specializing in a different sphere of reality. For example, the already mentioned chemists. Indeed, in economics, a slightly different definition of the word analyzed in the article is presented.

In this science they designate the production system of a certain industry. For example, the military space complex, engineering, etc.

Complex in psychology

Psychological complexes (what is, we find out further) are not uncommon in the modern world. And this is very bad, because they create a lot of problems in a person’s life, spoil his mood and poison his existence.

In connection with the tightening of the standards of beauty that fashion dictates, very attractive girls and women find in their appearance flaws like thin lips, insufficiently thick and silky hair, small eyes and many other shortcomings.

In the course of time, such negative judgments about one’s own appearance may develop into complexes that will force a person to resort to plastic surgery or even stay at home, afraid to come into contact with society.

complex Russian word

Technical complex

What is a complex, can explain and techies. Indeed, in many enterprises specializing in the provision of any services, for example, a bakery, not one product, but several are required. In this case, the oven: a machine kneading dough; the tape on which the finished product moves, and much more.

Thus, specialized products designed to perform complementary tasks are called complex.

What are the correct spelling and pronunciation of the word "complex"

Being a literate person is very important in the modern world. After all, as you know, who owns the information, owns the world. That is why, having investigated what a complex is, it is also necessary to consider how this word is spelled and pronounced.

definition of the word complex

To find out literacy, you must submit a word transcription. That is the literal formula of his pronunciation. The word under study is pronounced as follows: [complex]. Thus, we can see that an error is possible when writing the letter "e".

However, from the lessons of the Russian language, we remember that in the words in which the soft consonant sound (in this case [l ']) is followed by the vowel sound [e], it is necessary to write the letter “e”. it turns out that the noun (since the word answers the question “what”) should write the letter “e”.

Now let's deal with the correct pronunciation of the word "complex". After all, there are two vowels in it, and accordingly, two syllables, which means that each of them can be stressed. Dictionaries will also help to find out the answer to the question “which letter,“ o ”or“ e, ”should be pronounced with greater force. Suitable as spelling and sensible.Thanks to them, it will become obvious that in the definition of the word “complex” the emphasis falls on the first syllable, that is, the letter “o”. And it is precisely this that must be pronounced with greater force.

Declination of the noun "complex"

The declension of nouns is a change in words belonging to a given part of speech, in numbers and cases. In order to determine to which declination the word studied in the article belongs, one should know which types of declensions exist and on what grounds to distinguish them.

the word complex means

So, to the first type are the nouns of the female (mother, woman), male (father, boy) and general (underage, ignorant) childbirth. But only those whose initial form ends in the letters "a", "I". To the second - masculine words that have no ending (cat, dreamer), and the middle one, with the ending “o” or “e” (window, sieve). And to the third - nouns of a purely feminine gender with zero ending (blizzard, joy).

Recalling the material presented above, we can easily determine the type of declension of the noun under study. The word “complex” is masculine, single declension, nominative (“is what? Complex”) or accusative (“see what? Complex”) is a case.The ending is zero, since: a complex, a complex, a complex, a complex, a complex, about a complex. So, this noun refers to the second type of declension.

How to replace the word "complex"

There are many words in Russian, some of them can be combined into single groups. Common in them will be some kind of kinship and interchangeability in writing or in conversation. Such words are called synonyms, that is, their meaning is equal to or as close as possible to the original word.

But it is important to understand that the synonym for the word "complex", for example, will not be its words with one root. It seems to be complex, complex, notorious, etc. Because a synonym for a word must be represented by the same part of speech as the original word.

complex in other words

The presence of such words can significantly diversify the speech or text of absolutely any subject, make them more vivid, expressive, interesting and, most importantly, suitable for reading. However, to pick up related words is sometimes quite difficult, and sometimes completely impossible. Therefore, if a person needs to designate the word “complex” in other words, he should refer to the dictionary of synonyms.Where are all the "relatives" of the word.

Readers of this article, if desired, will be able to make sure that there are already nouns already familiar and mentioned in the article. Such as aggregate, system, community, union, doubt, set, etc.

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