What is stock?

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What is stock?

Virtually every shopping lover has heard about stock clothes and stock centers. Currently, stock stores are very popular all over the world. So what is the stock?

The concept of "stock"

The term "stock" is derived from the English word "stock", which translated into Russian means "stocks", "warehouse balance."

Thus, stock clothes are things that for some reason could not be sold, for example, too small or large size, last year’s collection, etc.

Stoke is a brand new high quality brand clothing at an affordable price.

The stock store is an outlet that sells inventory.

Sources of Stock Item

  1. Factory overproduction - batches of original clothing that are not shipped to the retail chains. Surplus production appears in volume.Stockcase when there is a large amount of fabric after sewing the collection. Another reason may be the failure of the trading network from the delivery of goods. Then the clothes are sold to companies that sell wholesale stock.
  2. Wholesale dealers.The remnants of clothing purchased by wholesale companies from official manufacturers, but not fully realized in retail stores, are also sold to stock companies.
  3. Trading networks. Unsold clothing for the season is placed in a special warehouse, where the sale of the flow in bulk comes from.

Types of stock stores

  • Monobrand outlets. In such stores are presented clothing of their own brands, the range of which is formed from inventories;
  • Multi-brand outlets. The owner of such a store buys clothes of various brands or takes it for sale;Stock
  • Retail Park. This is a shopping center built on cheap technology and located on the outskirts of the city. In this center there is a large number of departments with clothes stock;
  • Online shopping. Usually online stores selling clothing stock offer to purchase goods in large quantities: a limit is placed on the amount of the purchase or the quantity of the purchased goods. These services are used by small clothing stores. However, in the Internet you can find shops where there are no such restrictions and a single purchase is possible.

Stock manufacturers

Economy class clothing is often produced in countries such as Russia, Korea, Turkey, China, Pakistan.

For middle-income buyers, there are stores with clothing brands of the world - Zara, Diezel, Mexx, Mango, H & M and many others. Such clothes are shipped from Germany, Finland, France, USA, etc.

Tips when visiting a stock store

  1. Before you visit a store of this type, decide on the type of purchase. This is due to the fact that often stock goods are locatedStockclose to each other, so a comfortable walk through the store will not work.
  2. Do not hesitate to rummage through the shelves and in baskets with things. Very often a really good thing can be found at the bottom of the box.
  3. On the hanger stock clothes can look very homely. Do not be lazy to go to the fitting room and measure the thing.
  4. Immediately purchase your favorite item: putting the purchase on another day, it’s very likely that the item will be bought. Clothing stock very quickly finds its buyer. If you need time to think and go through other stores - ask the seller to postpone the thing.
  5. Specify the size of clothing from the seller, the size designation of each brand may vary.

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