What is relevance?

Alina Olkhovich
Alina Olkhovich
January 18, 2013

Well, who among us every day does not encounter such expressions as "this problem is still relevant in our country" (from the news on TV) or "highlight the relevance of the topic" (when writing term papers and diplomas at the university)? Each of us intuitively understands what it is, but can everyone give a clear definition? So what is relevance?

Relevance - this is the importance, the authenticity of information in our time, at the moment and in this situation.

The answer to the question of what the relevance of the topic is (in scientific papers) is similar - this is, strictly speaking, the reason why the writing of this or that scientific work was started; This is one of the qualitative criteria for evaluating work, a prerequisite for the need to explore the chosen topic right now, its importance in solving certain problems and tasks.

In short, relevance is an indicator of the conformity of an item (for example, clothing, books, films) or a situation (political, environmental, economic, etc.) to the modern world.

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