What is reform? This is a positive change!

We often hear that reform is needed in a particular area of ​​society. This word has already become familiar, and, therefore, vague. When we hear once again about reforming, we especially do not delve into the meaning. Well, they decided to change something there, so what? Is it worth it to delve into such political statements? Let's see.


In the dictionaries, the term is explained quite unambiguously.reform itReform is a change, in particular, political. That is, the state decides that stagnation or even regress occurs in one of its areas of work. It is necessary to make adjustments to the political methods. This is done with the help of reform. The algorithm is known. It is necessary to investigate how existing methods, including legislative ones, affect the process. Next, you need to analyze their work, to identify the shortcomings. The next step is to study the experience of countries that have achieved great results in this area. At the same time, wise minds are trying to invent their own recipes. The last stage is implementation. Of course, in reality everything is much more complicated. However, the essence of the stages remains the same.Reform is a gradual change achieved by non-revolutionary methods.

Distinctive features

Changes in society and politics are achieved in various ways. This is known to all. You can break everything and build a new one at this place. The revolution is called. Of course, it is progressive. However, very bloody and painful.

housing reform

Such methods are not suitable for a democratic society due to the high risks for citizens. A milder way to make a change is reform. This is the path of gradual transition from the old to the new. In this case, some time works (lives), and then, and more. For example, housing reform. Everyone knows that this sector of the national economy has always been unprofitable. It is financially based on the collection of funds from the population. They are clearly not enough for the effective management of the housing stock. But more advanced methods have been invented. However, it is difficult to introduce them into management at the same time. It takes time to raise enough funds for major repairs, other work. Therefore, the housing and utilities reform is carried out gradually and consistently. Old methods work, at the same time new ones are already included.

reform of Russia

Reforms of Russia

The newest history of the Russian Federation is a list of gradual and inevitable changes that are constantly being introduced into society. The fact is that after the collapse of the USSR, the political system became different. The state is committed to efficiency, therefore, to reduce their costs. In order to prevent a social explosion due to a decrease in the level of security of those in need, it is necessary to find other, previously unknown sources of funding for programs.

In principle, the reform process has been going on for more than twenty years. It was necessary to rebuild the economic model, social and humanitarian spheres and much more. Those who remember the USSR understand how much work has been done. Even the fact that in front of everyone makes an impression. This refers to the political system. From an almost totalitarian one-party system, they moved to a democratic society. Citizens received such effective rights that they had not previously dreamed of. Anyone is free to express their point of view, can find a deal to their liking.

pension reform

Social sphere

Most often it is this area of ​​social life that is being reformed. This is quite reasonable, because a democratic state has the goal of caring for its citizens.For example, take the elderly. In order for them not to feel abandoned, and more importantly, beggars, pension reform is being carried out. The essence of the problem for many countries is the same. Life expectancy is increasing, and the birth rate, on the contrary, is falling. It turns out that the pension burden on workers increases. Reform trying to find a way to stability in this area. That is, practically to find such methods that will allow to provide retirees, at the same time not driving employers into gray schemes. After all, it is no secret that entrepreneurs are trying to reduce the tax burden. And pension contributions in an aging society have to constantly increase. Most often, reforms are aimed at gaining loyalty of citizens. They are called socially oriented. On the other hand, transformations do not always have all signs of reform. As a rule, they are carried out in the form of transformations. And this is a slightly different method of change. This is not a rejection of the old, but only its modification. Reforms, however, involve voluminous changes, the fullest replacement of the old policy with the new one.

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