What is PR?

Angelica Artemyeva
Angelica Artemyeva
August 14, 2012
What is PR?

In Russian, PR came from reading the English abbreviation PR (public relations), which means “communication with the public”. What is PR? This is one of the advertising tools by which experts form public opinion about any company, service, product or public person.

PR and advertising

How is PR different from advertising? We can say that PR is a more subtle advertising technology. Advertising clearly encourages consumers to buy a particular product or use a service. PR specialists act differently. They create the image with the help of articles, interviews, press releases and other materials in the mass media. It can be said that PR technology is the ability to use people's emotions and thoughts to achieve specific goals. For example, for PR of a resort, articles can be used telling about the sights of this place, entertainment venues, clean beaches, etc. in a positive way.Or, for example, it tells about the products of a plant, about how high-quality and useful it is, and at the same time unobtrusively mentions an investor, thanks to which it was possible to launch this production. The essence of PR is soft, unobtrusive moves that do not cause rejection to the consumer, unlike direct advertising, but which affect the subconscious and create the desired image.

PR application

PR can be used in almost any sphere of life, ranging from social to religious. Even in social networks offer PR personal profile. What is PR in contact? This is when you increase the popularity of your page by adding new friends. Usually, elementary spam is used.

In addition to white PR, which is designed to create a positive image, there is also the so-called “black PR”. Very often, in a similar way they spin up pop stars or cinema: they describe scandals in public places, indecent behavior, dissolve various rumors and gossip. This is done in order to arouse increased interest from the public.A person becomes known and recognizable, even at such a price. Many figures of show business themselves order discrediting articles about themselves in order to achieve popularity.

Sometimes black PR is used in business as a tool in the fight against competitors.

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