What is pornography?

Olga Reznik
Olga Reznik
April 2, 2013

The word "pornography" came to us from the Greek language. "Porn" is translated as "prostitute", "harlot", "graph" - "write." If you define pornography, you can say this: pornography is an image of sex in literature, painting, sculpture, movies.

Looking for the answer to the question of what pornography is, you will certainly find that there is no clear boundary separating erotica from pornography. A vulgar image of sexual themes is associated with pornography, with eroticism an artistic one. But where is erotica, and where pornography is not always immediately determined. In general, the term "pornography" was originally used in the 18th century in France. The starting point of the book was Retif la Bretonna, where the author talked about the immorality of prostitution. And in 1857, for the first time, pornography was officially banned by the Parliament of Great Britain, which adopted the law on obscene publications.

Today all over the world it is forbidden and even illegal porn is pursued by Interpol.This category includes products depicting sex with animals, children, corpses.

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