What is poetry?

In explanatory dictionaries, the term "poetry" is defined,as a special way of verbal organization, as a word-making that has an artistic meaning and meaning. It is true, for the very word originated from the Greek word "creation, creativity". For example, "Poetry of Pushkin and Lermontov - great artists of the word".

Poetic speech

As an additional measure of human speech, poetry(verses) has some parameters inherent in it: rhyme and rhythm, meter and size. Sometimes the boundaries of poetry and prose are very relative (free verse, free verse) and are understood only by true connoisseurs of versification.

The term "poetry" is often used in figurative and metaphorical meanings and means beauty, elegance of presentation or description of an object or phenomenon. For example: "In his speeches - solid poetry!".

Variety of use

The term "poetry" should be understood not only as a speciesart. In the modern world there are a lot of poetic texts that do not possess high artistic quality: for example, advertising in verse. And in history there are examples of the presentation of scientific treatises in poetic language. So the term itself, of course, goes beyond pure art in everyday life.

In simple words

And if we talk about what is poetry, simplewords, then we can note its brevity, lyricism, and understatement. After all, a poem is not only rhymed prose, broken into lines. It touches us for the living, makes us feel empathy with the lyrical hero, feel.

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