What is pleonasm?

Irina Gromyak
Irina Gromyak
February 26, 2013
What is pleonasm?

Russian speech is so rich that sometimes the use of some words seems absurd. But this is only at first glance. Such an association arises about pleonasms. What is pleonasm? This is a duplication of the meaning of an element in which words are used that are superfluous in meaning.

Where are pleonasms used

Pleonasm is used in fiction. He emphasizes its expressiveness. This technique is used by almost all writers. Pleonasm is widespread in folk art. Pay attention to Russian fairy tales, proverbs, sayings. And do not blame the Russian people for their illiteracy, these momentum are used here intentionally. For example, “miraculous” - these words are associated with some kind of diva, but not simple, but many times more than it can be in reality. Or "sadness, longing" - here it is emphasized that the person is not just sad, it is very depressing and difficult for him. In folklore, pleonasm creates imagery and adds emotion.

Pleonasm can be called a type of lexical error, but lexical pleonasm is rather a means of lexical expressiveness. And these revolutions have already become the norm of the Russian language: to dance a dance, to make jam, to eat. It would seem that there is a simple repetition of words, but it is this that brings its own particular flavor.

Such combinations of words originate from the ancient style. Even then, their meaning was revealed. Pleonasm was assessed differently by ancient authors. Diomede and Donat said that such turns we overload our speech, and Dionysius of Halicarnassus considered pleonasm as an enrichment of speech, bringing clarity to it.

In order to enhance emotions in conversation, pleonasm can be used in oral speech. Depending on the style of speech determine the appropriateness of the use of pleonasms. They are used in rhetorical speech, their meaning emphasizes the style of parodies. Pleonasma inappropriate in business speech.

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