What is pilates?

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What is pilates?

In the modern world, Pilates is a very popular worldwide exercise system. In this system, the muscle mass of the body is stretched and strengthened without a large load, so the possibility of injury is reduced. In this article we will look at what Pilates is, its pros and cons.

Pilates - ballet

With age, our body obeys less and less. The joints are accustomed to sedentary work and become inactive. These need not apply to fight. And this should begin as early as possible in order to get the desired effect and get back into shape.

This program - “Pilates + Ballet” uses a combination of two different movements according to the plan. Some - tend to reduce the muscles, others are aimed at stretching. After classes, there is a surge of excellent mood, posture improves, back pain disappears. At first, under the control of a trainer, you will make a series of simple plies, tandus and hand movements. These exercises develop balance and coordination. Then exercises on the mat will be performed to strengthen those muscles that are not paid attention to in fitness.

Exercise: Pilates with a ball

For this we need a rubber ball and a gymnastic stick.

  • Starting position: heels together, socks apart. Ball clamp between the knees.
  • Hold onto the top of the body bar and lift up on your toes (the heels are still together).
  • Get down in a squat, as if you want to sit on a conceivable chair.
  • Slowly we rise, it is necessary to do such an exercise 3 times with 12 visits in each.

Problem areas and Pilates

In this course Pilates, Tekwondo and ballet choreography are intertwined. And all at an accelerated pace. As a result, a large number of calories are burned. The originality of the class is a machine located at the wall. Exercises on the machine tightens the muscles of the legs and buttocks.

Pilates Exercise: Pie on Toes

  • Stand up straight, with one hand on your machine, the other on your waist. If there is no machine, you can use the back of the chair.
  • The position of the heel together, socks apart. Inhale and unfold the shoulders, while straining the press and buttocks, and chest forward. Rise on the socks and start to squat like a ballerina. Somewhere in the middle, stop for a couple of seconds. Do not forget that here the back should be straight.
  • Further we fall below until we feel that we can no longer hold the case and it leans forward.From the lower position, go up to the middle and pause, and again go down to the sitting and go up to the middle. You can straighten up only after eight such squats.

What good is pilates for women? Pilates is very useful for women. It allows you to strengthen the muscles of the back, abs and pelvis. All these muscles help them during labor. In order to restore the elasticity of the abdominal muscles, thighs and back well, Pilates is offered to pregnant women and women who have already given birth.

Pilates basic principles

  • Relaxation - helps to relieve tension accumulated for the whole day.
  • Concentration is fundamental to the whole system. Its goal is to focus precisely on those muscles that at the moment can train. If concentration is on every movement, then the exercise will be effective.
  • Leveling - this principle is necessary for leveling the correct posture.
  • Breathing - the principle is necessary to control breathing. During pilates practice, breathing should be deep, aimed at filling the lower parts of the lung with air. With such a breath, during the exercise, dyspnea may not appear.
  • Centering is the foundation of Pilates.The principle is formed on the stabilizing properties of the abdominal muscles.
  • Coordination - it requires precision in the performance of each movement in the classroom and it is necessary to fully control your body. If you correctly repeat all the movements in the classroom, then our body will gradually get used to the right movements.
  • Smooth movements - it is necessary to monitor the smoothness of movement, performing any exercise.
  • Endurance - the principle of increasing the endurance of the whole organism. Increases efficiency in the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.
  • Regularity - if there is no this principle, then all efforts will be invisible.

The main advantage of Pilates is that they can be practiced at home on the floor using special equipment or on simulators. If you practice according to the Pilates technique constantly and regularly, you can achieve excellent results in strengthening the muscles of the spine, lumbar, pelvic muscles and abdomen. The one who is engaged in Pilates, is always self-confident. Now you know all about how useful Pilates exercises, the video on this material will be very interesting.Exercise and be healthy!

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