What is nitrogen?

Vera Melnikova
Vera Melnikova
January 12, 2015
What is nitrogen?

Nitrogen is one of the chemical elements, denoted by the symbol N. What is nitrogen, what are its chemical properties and how is it used in human life? Understand this.

Nitrogen: definition

Nitrogen is a neutral gas, that is, it does not react with other chemical elements. It has no color and smell and makes up almost three fourth parts of it in our atmosphere.

Nitrogen is simply vital for all life on our planet - the plant and animal world. Without it, the Earth would be a lifeless desert. According to its prevalence, it is in fourth place after hydrogen, helium and oxygen.

Nitrogen can have not only the form of a gas, but also be in a liquid state (for this, the boiling point should be not less than 195 degrees) and even in the crystal form, if the temperature is minus 209 degrees.

Nitrogen application

  • Food supplement code E 941.
  • Used for the production of ammonia, fertilizers, nitrogen dyes.
  • This gas sometimes fills the tires of racing cars and even the chassis of airplanes.
  • One of the uses of liquid nitrogen is the freezing of corpses.People have always dreamed of falling asleep and waking up after a while to see the future. Someone even believes in it and really freezes himself. Although scientists have proven that under the influence of nitrogen, the human brain begins to break down.

Nitrogen is stored in special cylinders, they are black in color and have a brown stripe and a yellow inscription.

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