What is net?

Alexander Smaznev
Alexander Smaznev
January 26, 2015
What is net?

The term "net" faces all people-consumers of goods. The net weight is indicated on the food packaging (tea packs, coffee cans, etc.) that we buy daily in the store. What is net?

The term "net" is derived from the Italian word netto, which translated into Russian means "clean." When applied to the weight, the word "net" means the weight of the product itself, without taking into account the weight of its container and packaging.

Why does the buyer need to know the net weight? Suppose a person has a choice: whether to buy him tea in an expensive gift package with a total weight of 500 g (this weight is called gross), or the same tea in a simple cardboard package, the gross weight of which (together with the box) also makes up a half a kilogram. The price of both purchases is the same, but in the first gift version the net weight of tea is 350 g (and 150 g is the weight of the package). In the second case, for the same money, a person can buy tea with a net weight of 450 g (the package will weigh 50 g). Knowing the real weight of the product that can be eaten, the buyer can easily make a choice, what tea to buy.

So, net is the net mass of the goods.

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