What is he favorite?

Kate flower
Kate flower
February 3, 2015
What is he favorite?

Love as nothing else can inspire us to live, create and feel the world around us. Its absence can provoke mental illness, cause apathy, a sad and depressed state, a sense of hopelessness. When your heart is occupied, the world changes around: problems do not seem to be problems, and the sun shines brighter and warmer. But how to understand that a loved one loves you? In this article we will talk about what he is - favorite.

Characteristic signs of love

Each person has his own understanding of love. Someone thinks that love is a passion, someone thinks that the excitement of touching or talking all night long is common interests. No matter how we relate to the concept of love, it appears almost the same:

  • A reverent attitude and care. If you feel the protection, care and interest in your life, then before you is either a true friend or a person in love with you.
  • Behavior. Someone can be provocative if a person does not know how to behave with you, or, on the contrary, is sad, because love often gives us a lot of sadness.
  • The best thing is that you are in love with your body language. Dilated pupils, meaningful looks. A person who loves you, you can determine at least by this. Also here you can include the desire to touch you or looking at your body.
  • A very important moment in determining a person’s love is that you can tell him your problems. If his interest is sincere, most likely, he is not indifferent to you.
  • You can rely on a person, trust him. Only a loved one or a person willing to become a loved one will take responsibility, protect you and help you. Therefore, close people and are considered close. They come to the rescue and help solve problems.
  • Also, passion is not always the commemoration of something short-lived. Very often, real passion arises when a person loves. Afterwards, naturally, it passes, like everyone else, but relations between people remain that are becoming or stronger.
  • If a person is able to tell you something personal, such that in ordinary life is hidden from view, and ask for advice, perhaps this also means something. Since only those whom we at least sympathize with, we can reveal our secrets.
  • Search for common interests. People in love often want to know who they love, and begin to explore the interests of their passion. At the same time finding common hobbies with something, they use it in communication. After all, as you know, we are interested in people who have similar interests with us.

The main thing you must rely on in determining is sensation. You can intuitively understand, love you or have some other feelings for you. If you are loved, you will certainly feel it.

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