What is cold fusion? Cold fusion: principle

Cold fusion - what is it? Myth or all the same reality? This line of scientific activity appeared in the last century and still excites many scientific minds. Many kinds of gossip, rumors and speculation are associated with this type of thermonuclear fusion. He has his admirers, eagerly believing that one day some scientist will create an installation that will save the world not so much from energy costs as from radiation exposure. There are also opponents who ardently insist that this is pseudoscience. Meanwhile, even in the second half of the last century, the cleverest Soviet man Filimonenko Ivan Stepanovich nearly created such a reactor.

Experimental settings

1957 was marked by the fact that FilimonenkoIvan Stepanovich brought out a completely different version of the creation of energy using nuclear fusion from helium deuterium. And already in July of the sixty-second year he patented his work on thermoemission processes and systems. The main principle of work: a kind of warm nuclear fusion, where the temperature regime is 1000 degrees. Eighty organizations and enterprises were allocated for the implementation of this patent. When Kurchatov died, the development began to be pressed, and after the death of the Queen, they completely stopped developing thermonuclear fusion (cold).

thermonuclear synthesis cold

In 1968, all work Filimonenko stopped, sohow he conducted research in 1958 to determine the radiation hazard at nuclear power plants and thermal power plants, as well as nuclear weapons tests. His forty-six-page report helped stop the program that was being proposed to launch a nuclear-powered missile on Jupiter and the Moon. After all, any explosion or the return of the spacecraft could cause an explosion. He would have had a power six hundred times more than in Hiroshima.

But many did not like this decision, andFilimonenko organized the persecution, and after a while he was dismissed from work. Since he did not stop his studies, he was accused of subversive activities. Ivan Stepanovich was sentenced to six years in prison.

Cold fusion and alchemy

Many years later, in 1989, Martin Fleischmann andStanley Pons, using electrodes, created helium from deuterium, like Filimonenko. Physicists made an impression on the entire scientific community and the press, which painted in bright colors life, which will be after the introduction of an installation permitting the production of thermonuclear fusion (cold). Of course, their physics results of the whole world began to be checked independently.

In the forefront to test the theory stoodTechnological Institute of Massachusetts. Its director, Ronald Parker, criticized thermonuclear fusion. "Cold fusion is a myth," the man said. Newspapers denounced the physicists Pons and Fleischmann in charlatanry and fraud, as the theory could not be checked, because it always turned out different results. The reports talked about the large amount of heat released. But in the end, forgery was made, the data was corrected. And after these events, physicists refused to seek a solution to Filimonenko's theory of "Cold Fusion Synthesis."

Cavitation nuclear fusion

But in 2002 they remembered this topic. American physicists Ruzi Taleikharhan and Richard Leichy talked about the fact that they achieved the approximation of the nuclei, but they applied the effect of cavitation. This is when gaseous bubbles form in the liquid cavity. They can appear due to the passage of sound waves through the liquid. When the bubbles burst, a large amount of energy is produced.

cold fusion fusion reactor

Scientists have managed to register neutrons with a highenergy, with the formation of helium and tritium, which is considered a product of nuclear fusion. After verification of this experiment, falsifications were not found, but they did not yet intend to admit it.

Siegel's readings

They are held in Moscow, and named in honor ofastronomer and ufologist Siegel. Such readings are held twice a year. They are more like meetings of scientists in a psychiatric hospital, because here scientists come forward with their own theories and hypotheses. But since they are related to ufology, their messages are beyond the reasonable. However, interesting theories are sometimes expressed. For example, Academician AF Ohatrin reported his discovery of microleptons. These are very light elementary particles that have new properties that can not be explained. In practice, its development can warn of an impending earthquake or help in the search for minerals. Okhatrin developed a method of geological exploration that shows not only oil deposits, but also its chemical component.

Tests in the North

In Surgut, at an old well,test installation. A vibration generator was lowered three kilometers into the depths. He set in motion the microlepton field of the Earth. After a few minutes, the amount of paraffin and bitumen in the oil decreased, and the viscosity became less. Quality rose from six to eighteen percent. This technology interested foreign firms. And Russian geologists still do not use these developments. The government of the country only took note of them, but further this has not progressed.

Cold Fusion Reactor is verified

Therefore, it is necessary for Okhatrin to work forforeign organizations. Recently, the academician is more concerned with research of a different nature: how the dome affects a person. Many claim that he has a fragment of a UFO that fell in seventy-seven in Latvia.

A pupil of Academician Akimov

Anatoly Evgenievich Akimov directsinterdisciplinary scientific center "Vent". His development is as interesting as that of Okhatrin. He tried to draw the attention of the government to his work, but from this only the enemies became more. His research was also attributed to pseudoscience. A whole commission was created to combat falsification. Even the draft law on the protection of the human psychosphere was presented for review. Some deputies are sure that there is a generator that can act on the psyche.

Scientist Ivan Stepanovich Filimonenko and his discoveries

And the discoveries of our scientist-physicist did not findcontinuation in science. He is known as the inventor of a flying saucer, which is moved by magnetic thrust. And they say that an apparatus was created that could raise five tons. But some people say that the plate does not fly. Filimonenko created a device that reduces the radioactivity of certain objects. In its installations, the energy of cold fusion is used. They make inactive radio emission, and also produce energy. Wastes from such plants are hydrogen and oxygen, as well as high-pressure steam. A generator of cold thermonuclear fusion can provide the whole village with energy, and also clean the lake on whose shore it will be located.

cold fusion energy

Of course, his work was supported by Korolev andKurchatov, so experiments were conducted. But they did not succeed in bringing them to their logical conclusion. The installation of cold fusion would allow us to save about two hundred billion rubles each year. The activity of the academician was resumed only in the eighties. In 1989, they began to make prototypes. The arc reactor of cold thermonuclear fusion was created to suppress radiation. Also in the Chelyabinsk region, several plants were designed, but they were not in operation. Even in Chernobyl, they did not use a device with thermonuclear fusion (cold). And the scientist was again fired from his job.

Life in the Motherland

In our country did not intend to develop discoveriesscientist Filimonenko. Cold fusion, the installation of which was completed, could be sold abroad. It was said that in the seventies someone had brought documents to Filimonenko's installations to Europe. But the scientists abroad did not work, because Ivan Stepanovich did not specifically add data on which it was possible to create a reactor on a cold thermonuclear fusion.

He was made advantageous offers, but he is a patriot. It is better to live in poverty, but in your own country. Filimonenko has his own garden, which yields crops four times a year, since the physicist uses the film that he himself created. However, no one puts it into production.

Hypothesis of Avramenko

This ufologist scientist devoted his life to studyingplasma. Avramenko Rimli Fedorovich wanted to create a plasma generator as an alternative to modern energy sources. In 1991, in the laboratory, he conducted experiments on the formation of ball lightning. And the plasma that shot out of it, spent much more energy. The scientist suggested that this plasmoid be used for defense against missiles.

cold fusion synthesis principle

Tests were conducted at a military training ground. The action of such a plasmoid could help in the fight against asteroids, which threaten a catastrophe. Development of Avramenko also did not receive continuation, and why - no one knows.

The battle of life with radiation

More than forty years ago there was a secretorganization "Red Star", led by IS Filimonenko. He and his group carried out the development of a life support package for flights to Mars. He developed a thermonuclear synthesis (cold) for his installation. The latter, in turn, was to become the engine for spacecraft. But when the cold fusion reactor was verified, it became clear that it could also help on Earth. With the help of this discovery, it is possible to neutralize isotopes and avoid a nuclear explosion.

But the cold thermonuclear fusion created byhands Ivan Stepanovich Filimonenko refused to establish in underground cities-shelters for party leaders of the country. The crisis in the Caribbean shows that the USSR and America were ready to get involved in a nuclear war. But they were held back by the fact that there was no such installation, which could protect against the effects of radiation.

cold fusion reactor

At that time was firmly associated with the nameFilimonenko cold thermonuclear fusion. The reactor produced clean energy, which would protect the party top from radiation contamination. Refusing to give their power to the authorities, the scientist did not give the country's leadership a "trump card", if the nuclear war began. Without its installation, underground bunkers would protect the highest party leaders from a nuclear strike, but sooner or later they would get radiation. Thus, Ivan Stepanovich defended the world from a global nuclear war.

Oblivion of the scientist

After the refusal of the scientist, he had to enduresome talks about their developments. As a result, Filimonenko was dismissed from work and deprived of all ranks and regalia. And now for thirty years a physicist who could have brought out cold fusion in an ordinary mug, lives with his family at the dacha. All the discoveries of Filimonenko could make a great contribution to the development of science. But, as happens in our country, its cold fusion, the reactor of which was created and tested in practice, was forgotten.

Ecology and its problems

Today Ivan Stepanovich deals with problemsecology, he is concerned that a catastrophe is coming to Earth. He believes that the main reason for the deterioration of the ecological situation is the smoke from large cities of airspace. In addition to exhaust gases, many objects emit harmful substances for humans: radon and krypton. And the latter has not yet been able to utilize it. And cold fusion, the principle of which is to absorb radiation, would help in protecting the environment.

filimonenko cold fusion synthesis installation

In addition, the features of the action of coldfusion, according to the scientist, could save people from many diseases, would prolong human life many times, eliminating all the foci of radiation radiation. And such, as Ivan Stepanovich asserts, very much. They meet literally at every step and even at home. According to the scientist, in ancient times people lived for centuries, and all because there was no radiation. His installation could have fixed it, but, apparently, it will not happen soon.


Thus, the question of what is coldthermonuclear fusion and when it comes to the protection of mankind, is quite relevant. And if this is not a myth, but a reality, then it is necessary to direct all the forces and resources to study this area of ​​nuclear physics. After all, in the long run, an installation that could produce such a reaction would be useful to everyone.

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