What is capacity?

Oksana Vasilyeva
Oksana Vasilyeva
March 2, 2015
What is capacity?

When the word “capacity” is used to designate dishes or another tank (buckets, barrels, banks, cisterns, etc.), we understand what this is about. This is something where you can put something: put, pour, pour. And what is the capacity in such combinations as the vital capacity, electric capacity or, for example, battery capacity? Let's understand the meaning of the word.

Total capacity

The word "capacity" refers to the ability to contain some maximum amount of content. In many ways, the meaning of the words "volume" and "capacity" are identical. Only volume can be internal or external as well as general. Capacity is only internal volume.

For example, the capacity of a wine bottle is 700 ml, although it is possible to pour less into it. But the maximum amount of content that this bottle can accommodate is exactly 700 ml - this is its capacity. Such capacity is measured in measures of liquid and bulk bodies: in liters, cubic meters, etc.

Capacity is also called the ability to accommodate or accommodate intangible objects. For example, market capacity is the total demand for a service or product, the maximum sales. How is this capacity measured? In natural (commodity) or cash indicators. Thus, the capacity of the automotive market will be measured in the number of cars, and the capacity of the real estate market - in square meters.

Capacity: other values

Electrical capacity - the ability of an electrical conductor to hold a charge. Measured in centimeters or farad.

Vital capacity. For example, what is the vital capacity of the lungs? This is the maximum amount of exhaled air after one deepest breath. The vital capacity of the lungs is part of the total capacity, which is equal to the amount of exhaled air plus the residual volume of the lungs. Measured in milliliters.

It happens that capacity is measured in units not related to measures of volume. For example, battery capacity is measured in ampere hours or milliampere hours. After all, the capacity of the battery is its ability of the battery to power the load connected to it at the maximum possible time.

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