What is anthropogenesis?

Anna Kitaychik
Anna Kitaychik
January 25, 2015
What is anthropogenesis?

Currently, the process of human origin is being actively studied. There is even a special science dealing with these issues - anthropology. What is anthropogenesis?

Anthropogenesis is a complex process of the origin and further development of man. The beginning of this process is considered to be the Quaternary period in which the formation of the human ancestor as a species began. This is due to the development of the brain, the beginning of the emergence of upright walking, adaptation to work, the creation of tools and the development of fire, the manifestation of conscious speech and the emergence of the first society.

For the first time anthropogenesis was studied in the 18th century. Prior to this, people believed that God created them from the beginning exactly as they are at the present time. Transitional links between man and monkey were Pithecanthropes (monkey men), Australopithecus, arhanthropes (Pithecanthropes), paleoanthropes and neoanthropes (Cro-Magnons). It is believed that the beginning of human evolution began 7 - 8 million years ago.

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