What is an amp?

Nikolay Lazarenko
Nikolay Lazarenko
February 19, 2013
What is an amp?

In everyday life, we use electricity every day, but if the need arises, we do not know how to measure the strength of the current. What is an amp? Amp is the unit of electric current strength, the main one in the C system. This is a direct electric current, during the flow of which through 2 parallel rectilinear infinitely long conductors with an infinitely small cross section (placed without air at a distance of 1 m from each other), an interaction force of 2 • 10-7 arises between these conductors in a 1 m length N. Unit of magnetomotive force and magnetic field strength in the SI system (A / m).

Who is Ampere?

André Marie, 1775-1836, French physicist, creator of the fundamentals of electrodynamics. Ampère discovered the law of interaction of electric currents; the first theory of magnetism; also works on the theory of probability, the use of calculus of variations in mechanics, etc.

What is an amp clock

Amp-hour is the amount of electricity flowing through a conductor or device in 1 hour, if the current is 1 a. 1a-h = 3600 pendants.It is used to measure the electrical capacity of the battery. To measure the amount of electricity, a special unit is used - Pendant (abbreviated to K). The pendant is a very small unit and inconvenient to use because of its large numerical expression.

For practical measurements of electrical capacitance, a larger unit of amp-hour was adopted. Amp is associated with other units: Volt, Om and Watt. If a conductor with a resistance of one OM adds a voltage of one Volt, a current of one Amp will pass through it and heat will be released on it in one Watt.

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