What is altruism?

Angelica Artemyeva
Angelica Artemyeva
November 30, 2012
What is altruism?

The word altruism refers to the principle of behavior, in which a person demonstrates a desire to sacrifice his desires and interests for the interests of other people. To understand better what altruism is, we can say that this concept is the opposite of selfishness.

A person who is characterized by altruism, often forgets about his own interests, it is more important for other people to benefit, to bring good and help those in need, he sees a way of his own self-realization and the meaning of his own life. As a rule, if a person is said to be an altruist, they imply the ability to sympathize, enter the position of another person, the ability to rejoice when it is good to others, and to be sad when someone is bad.

Altruism is effective non-indifference; A person who preaches altruism is not only worried about others, but also applies all his strength to make the world better. He is concerned about the ecological situation, the extinction of rare animals, and everything else concerning the preservation of life on earth.

Characteristic of altruism is the readiness at any moment to sacrifice its own interests for the public good. It is the altruists who become volunteers in children's clinics or hospices, help disinterestedly those who find themselves in a difficult situation. Altruists can create shelters for pets, collect humanitarian aid or work in the International Red Cross.

In short, altruism is the concentration of the best spiritual qualities in one person, which he disinterestedly shares with the whole world.

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