What is a thermostat?

February 16, 2015
What is a thermostat?

The word "thermostat" consists of two parts. The first means - temperature, the second - constancy, static. Thus, it is possible to determine the meaning of a word. What is a thermostat? Device, fixture, mechanism, designed to maintain the constant temperature of something.

Below we describe the classification of thermostats.

What it looks like

In many cases, the thermostat looks like a temperature valve that reacts to its increase or decrease. In order to minimize temperature losses, thermostats are isolated. But this does not always happen (for example, a car thermostat). Ordinary refrigerator, in essence, is also a thermostat.


Depending on the range of temperature modes used, thermostats are distinguished:

  • high - from 300 to 1200 degrees;
  • medium - from minus 60 to 500;
  • low temperature - less than minus 60 degrees Celsius (cryostats).

By application of working material: air, on the basis of liquids, on the basis of solids. In this device the temperature of the substance filling the thermostat is kept constant.But there are devices where the working substance is missing (for example, electric furnaces with thermostats - high temperature thermostats).


The most famous thermostat. The principle of its work is very simple. As long as the engine is within acceptable temperatures, the thermostat valve is closed. Antifreeze supply to the radiator is blocked. As soon as the temperature exceeds the permissible rate (usually around 95 degrees), the thermostat valve opens and the coolant flows freely into the radiator and cools it.

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